New images of the iPhone 8 without Home button and double vertical camera are filtered — 2022

Yes, I know that the great amount of rumors and leaks we see almost every day iPhone 8 it can make us dizzy. And it is that the expectation generated by each new iPhone is very high, and if we add to this that this new iPhone represents Apple's 10th model, the expectation can be even greater.

New images of the iPhone 8 confirming rumors

The rumors that we have seen so far have been varied, but there are some that seem to repeat themselves and may be a reality in the future. final model What will we see in September?
In the following images we can see what appears to be a prototype of the future iPhone where we can see some details seen in previous leaks:

front design

iPhone 8 prototype front view

Looking at the front of this prototype, we can see that the screen seems to occupy practically the entire front Of the device. Although not having a real screen turned on, the margins cannot be determined.
It is also possible to observe the total absence of the classic home button , which has been with us since the first iPhone. And precisely this data is something that we have already seen in previous leaks .

back design

Rear view of iPhone 8 prototype

seeing the rear of this model, we recognize other features seen in previous leaks, where the most prominent is the dual rear camera in vertical position , more logical if we think that most of the photos are taken in landscape mode.
Another detail is the use of glass the entire back cover , a design we saw in the iPhone 4 y 4s . This material, in addition to being very showy, allows the use of a wireless charging sensor , if Apple finally decides to incorporate.
It is also possible to observe the absence of Touch ID on the back , something that contradicts some previous rumors . This leaves as a possible location for it the side power button or the on the OLED screen itself , quite a new feature but that brings with it a very high technological challenge.

This prototype can watch it on video , where you can see the size of the device in a user's hands.

It is unknown the origin of the prototype or on what data the user relied for its manufacture, so the veracity of these images remains within the category of rumours.
Likewise, little by little we see rumors that are repeated and that may be a reality in a few months.

Source: Mobile Zone