New iMacs in sight! Apple would already prepare its next launch — 2022

There are many users who are constantly asking if Apple has among its plans to launch new iMac models. This big question becomes evident because It is not known whether to buy one of the desktop Macs on the market or wait a few weeks to see the movements of Apple. According to the latest rumors that we have known, it would be worth waiting since Apple could renew both the iMac and the Mac mini.

Apple prepares a month of March loaded with launches

Through a simple tweet, the CoinX leaker has briefly mentioned the iMac and Mac mini products accompanied by an emoji of the date that specifies 'Soon' in English. There are no more details about this renewal but this leaker has already been right numerous times regarding future submissions What will the company do? This little reputation that has been earned makes us think that March will be a month full of releases through press releases.

iMac/Mac mini

- CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) March 4, 2020

If we look back, the last update that this desktop computer received was in March 2019. Apple this time was limited only to incorporate the latest Intel processor on the market , specifically the ninth generation giving the possibility of having a configuration with an 8-core Intel Core i5. TheMac mini 2020On the contrary, it has not been updated for much longer since it was in October 2018 when Apple surprised with this announcement.

The truth is that there have not been too many rumors about the news that will be included in these new iMac. The only thing we have on the table is a forecast from Ming-Chi Kuo that pointed to an iMac with Mini-LED backlit display. The truth is that we think that everything will remain in a simple renovation of the internal components. We are talking about a team specially indicated for professionals and obviously it cannot remain as aobsolete macover time. That is why these types of updates are totally mandatory year after year.

If this rumor is finally completed, we will be facing a month of March extremely loaded with announcements. We must remember that the rumors suggest that the iPhone 9 or the AirTag are also on the table at the moment.

And you, what do you think about this new rumor? Are you waiting to buy a new iMac?