New concepts of a possible iPhone X Plus — 2022

Since a few weeks ago, we have been hearing new rumors about the possibility of a iPhone X Plus , so the designers have gone to work to show us what a Plus version of the iPhone X would actually look like.

It is curious because we would recover the width of the iPhone 8 Plus on a screen of 6.7 with the same design as the current iPhone X.

Rumors are gaining more and more weight, where Apple could already be working on two iPhone models for the next generation. This was stated by KGI.

We could see a new iPhone X Plus in 2018

We have been seeing the trend of launching two terminals with different sizes since the iPhone 6, where Apple increased the 4 inches to 4.7 and 5.5 inches. As some managers have already explained, the iPhone X was designed to be released next year , but working hard they were able to bring it forward and thus have a tenth anniversary of the iPhone with a device that was all screen.

So it is very likely that we will see a new size in the next generation of iPhone. Many users have questioned the size of the screen, where Apple wants to get market share in the so-called Phablets . Terminals that are between a smartphone and a tablet.

this new rendering It is not the first that we see as a concept of an iPhone of 6.7 , where the result is spectacular, we have already had the opportunity to see even other Apple devices with a design similar to the iPhone X.

we have already seen concepts from iPhone SE to iPad Pro with very small frames, where they shared the island that characterizes the new iPhone X . We could see that idea very soon, according to some rumors, especially in the new iPad Pro. But we insist that they are still rumors, although it is already known, when the river sounds, water carries.

What do you think of these readers of a new iPhone X Plus 6.7? Do you think a new iPhone with such screens is necessary?