New Apple iPod in 2021? These concepts are spectacular. — 2022

In 2019, Apple surprised us with the launch of the seventh generation iPod touch, inheriting the processor from the iPhone 7, but maintaining the same classic aesthetic of this range. Even then it seemed like an outdated product, so in 2021 it is even more so. However, could this product be redesigned to make sense again? We analyze this possibility based on some video concepts that paint it spectacular.

Price would be a key factor, once again

We are not going to deny that price is always a determining factor for the future of a product. And although when talking about Apple it seems that it always makes expensive products and that are still successful, the truth is that it is a factor to be taken into account and more so when it comes to a device that has become obsolete on many levels with the arrival of the iPhones. The iPod was a hit in the early 2000s, but today we all carry music on our smartphone.

ipod touch price

The current iPod touch starts at 239 euros in the Apple Store. Yes, it is true that its difference with the cheapest iPhone is 250 euros, but it could even be small if we take into account several factors. The device's selling point is to enjoy music, but with the full iOS experience. However, this is a device that will be outdated before the iPhones on sale and that is limited by the impossibility of adding a SIM card or having a size and features that hardly resemble modern smartphones.

The dynamics of society to listen to music has changed a lot and having to carry another device to do so is tedious for many. Due to the current trend, there is a greater chance that the iPod will die definitively and remain one of Apple's most revolutionary products, but if they decide to resurrect it again, they should study the price well so that it does not come back to be seen as a product made for nostalgics.

Is the Apple Watch the modern iPod?

Years ago there were straps that allowed iPods to be carried on the wrist and now we already have a device with its own operating system that already goes on our wrist. Even on an aesthetic level it could somehow remind an iPod nano without buttons. In watchOS we can listen to music, podcasts and even make and receive calls... It's an iPod! And it also doesn't mean carrying one more accessory in your pocket, but rather it is always with us and has many other outstanding functions for exercising or taking health measurements.

Apple Music en Apple Watch

Designs with which the iPod would return triumphant

The net is full of great works done by very creative minds. Some designers like Tech Blood have posted on their YouTube channels some concepts in recent months that would make the iPod reborn in a brilliant aesthetic way. These videos are not from Apple and they are not even based on real rumours, but they help us to see some of the many variants that the company could take if it decided to re-launch an iPod to replace the current model.