Leaked new Apple headphones. Headband AirPods? — 2022

Yesterday the bomb jumped with new leaks of iOS 14, the new iPhone operating system that will be released in September. This massive leak also detailed aspects of some new AirPods. Or not. The fact is that details are known of headband headphones that the company would launch under its own brand and that would confirm the predictions of numerous analysts in recent months.

What will Apple's new headphones look like?

was the analystMing-Chi Kuothe one that already in 2018 began to provide information about alleged Apple earmuff headphones that would be released with its label. And the latter is more relevant than it seems, since the company had only released headphones of this type under the Beats brand, while the AirPods incorporated a button design in their first two generations and with pads in the 'Pro' version. .

apple earphones

Image: 9to5Mac

This has now been semi-confirmed by the iOS 14 leak in which the icons of these are seen, both in color black What white, This could be an allusion to the colors that these headphones incorporate when they are released. We also say that it is not an official confirmation because neither is the iOS 14 leak, but the truth is that there is much evidence that this ends up being fulfilled.

The main novelty that we would see in this accessory would be the design, as we have already seen, but they would also stand out for features such as the Noise Cancellation. This functionality was already incorporated into the Beats range, but it was not incorporated into Apple's until the launch last year of the AirPods Pro. We also understand that this cancellation would be much higher due to the ear cup shape of the headphones, which allows further isolate ambient noise. This would also make the sound quality be considerably improved.

The terminology with which we should refer to these headphones is still not clear and will probably not end up being known until they are released. In any case, it would not be surprising if they were a variant of the AirPods, although the nickname 'Pro' is already chosen.

Expected release date

Apple's year, like that of so many other companies, is being marked by numerous delays due to the coronavirus. The majority of companies' production in China is being paralyzed by the health alert and this could mean that some launches had to be carried out on later dates than planned. These headband headphones would not be an exception, although it does not seem that Cupertino had any intention of launching it in the coming months.

Some analysts rely on sources close to Apple to say that even End of the year We won't be seeing these headphones, which makes a lot of sense considering the tight release schedule expected in the first half of this year. We remember that the renewal of iMac, MacBook, Mac mini or the long-awaited iPhone 9 (SE 2) could be just around the corner, being products with enough weight to collapse these headphones in a certain way.