Netflix will offer a cheaper subscription plan for mobile — 2022

There are already many rumors and facts that are pointing to the fact that Netflix is ​​exploring the possibility of enabling a much cheaper subscription fee but only for those users who view content only on mobile devices. With this, Netflix will pretend to have an economic rate to attract more people to its service, with the aim of standing out above other platforms such as HBO or Amazon Prime.

Netflix could have a cheaper rate

Netflix has presented in Malaysia a new subscription plan that is only valid for mobile phones and that has surprised many. The price of this plan is around $4, and That is to say, half of what we pay in Spain for the most basic plan, which is €7.99.

Ricky Fernandez 11 October, 2018 • 11:10

If in the end this plan that has been released only in Malaysia ends up being extended to the rest of the countries we will have a very competent rate for half the base price in Spain. This expansion is not confirmed at the moment, although the fact that it is being implemented in Asian countries is a very good sign. Below you can see the subscription plans in Malaysia where their currency is RM.

cheaper netflix

If this rate ends up reaching the rest of the world, we will be facing a catalog of films that does not stop growing at a very competent price and that we are convinced that will attract many more users yes In the next few days, we hope that Netflix will be able to announce or not whether they will extend this rate to the rest of the countries, since we are convinced that many will think about migrating platforms due to this decision.