Netflix is ​​updated adapting to the screen of the new iPad Pro — 2022

With the launch ofnew iPad Prodevelopers now have an important task: update the applications to the new screen of the iPad Pro that were presented a few weeks ago. This task already had to be done when Apple decided to make devices with larger screens with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Netflix is ​​updated adapting to the new iPad

iPad Pro

Netflix has been the last application to receive this update just a few hours ago, although its new version notes do not they are not clear at all since we read the following:

Do they gossip the Netflix screen on the bus? Show off the latest version of the app. Update it and enjoy the best Netflix experience. In addition, in this version we have fixed bugs and improved performance. Just for you.

It is true that we are before the same screen resolution as the previous generation iPad but if you look now the corners are more rounded, so it's time to adapt. Currently we can see how the applications that are not adapted overlap the text on top being quite unsightly, so obviously we welcome this type of update.

We hope that in the very near future the entire App Store will be adapted to these new iPad models and that Apple itself force developers to do that work, since if the experience with the new iPad is not done, it could be something worse because obviously the applications are an essential part of this equipment.

In addition, in Netflix before this update when we played multimedia content we appreciated that it did not adapt to the entire size of the screen, something that has now been fully resolved.