Navigate with Apple Maps if you don't have internet on your iPhone — 2022

Despite the fact that we live in a connected world dominated by mobile networks, there are still limitations in internet speed or coverage availability at specific points. This can affect the experience in using navigation applications, but to solve it, you can download the maps. In this article we tell you if it is possible to do this in Apple Maps.

Advantages of downloading offline maps

Data plans that are limited to a specific MB or GB cannot afford to constantly download maps. Of course, the use of downloading maps is mainly used when you are out of range of a WiFi connection, either walking down the street or while driving. This is why having the maps downloaded represents a significant saving in mobile data since they can be downloaded from a WiFi network and then continue to use them freely. In this way they will be available even if you are in an area where there is no coverage to always be oriented and avoid getting lost by having the map downloaded and not having to do it again, being able to dispense with the data.

When you are going on a trip, it is logical that maps should be used constantly to locate important places. If the trip is abroad you will rarely have internet or you will be forced to hire a SIM card with limited internet. In these cases, it is obviously recommended to have everything downloaded to the device's memory in order not to get lost in an unknown city or dedicate the internet to more important functions such as communication.

Limitations to use Apple Maps without internet

In the native Apple Maps application, you cannot use the function of downloading maps to use them offline. What can be achieved is download a part of the map to make a route without having to be connected to the internet with numerous limitations. That is, you must pre-program the route with an active internet connection for all directions and part of the map to be downloaded. apple maps

In this schedule the route can be fully edited. In addition to establishing the arrival point, you can also establish different stops along the entire path you want to follow. That is, if you are going to make a long trip with many kilometers ahead you can choose where to stop on the route such as in a restaurant or at the gas stations that you calculate you have to stop depending on the kilometers that you calculate yourself. At the moment of configuring this, you will be able to have the mobile in airplane mode and start navigating with the downloaded map.

But not everything is positive, since by not having the maps downloaded, queries cannot be made offline. That is, if you want to change the destination halfway or reconfigure the route, you must already have a stable internet connection. This means that this function is not useful at all, since in the case of not having coverage and having to consult the maps you will not be able to, something that will be achieved by downloading the maps, which right now is impossible. .

Another of the negative aspects, of course, is that you cannot have information about traffic or accidents. This is something that you can consult when programming your route, but obviously it cannot be extrapolated to when you are on the road and you have the map without any type of connection. Logically, this information is not exported for this reason, since it could end up confusing you.

Offline Maps Google Maps

Real alternatives in iOS to navigate without internet

But then… is it impossible to download maps on an iPhone to consult them offline? If it is with Apple Maps, yes, but that does not mean that there are no other options. There are applications that come to replace Apple Maps and that will allow you to have all the maps downloaded on your iPhone to use them even if you don't have internet, with the same instructions. One of the most famous is obviously Google Maps, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and can be categorized as one of the best navigation applications for a mobile. To do so, you simply have to follow these steps:

Download data on Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps (download it from the App Store for free if you didn't have it).
  2. In the upper left corner, click on your profile image.
  3. Select the 'offline maps' option.
  4. Choose the perimeter you want to download offline.
  5. You must be careful to update from time to time so that possible changes in the tracks are implemented.

Google Maps - routes and food

In this way you can forget in a specific region the fact of not having enough mobile data or lack of coverage. Because in none of these cases will you be left without the possibility of connecting to the browser and tracking the necessary instructions.

Google Maps - routes and food waze maps Descargar QR-Code Google Maps - routes and food Developer: Google LLC

Get offline maps with Waze

In the case of Waze, the process is much simpler to have offline maps since it is done in a background . We as a user do not have to activate any option in the application settings. What the application does is that when you are loading a route with the destination and you decide all the stops you want to make on the route, such as restaurants or gas stations, it saves the map.

Waze Navigation and Traffic

At the time of starting the route and activating the airplane mode on the iPhone you will be able to navigate with the fully loaded map. If you remove zoom you will be able to see the entire route that you must follow with the roads with the fact that you will not see anything else around, just a straight line with the map loaded and nothing else. In this way, the internal storage of the device is not overloaded and you can enjoy the specific route. In addition, it is also will include traffic status although at the moment you have left, something that can end up being a problem.

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Download offline maps on TomTom Go

Despite being an application that requires a monthly subscription, it has some very interesting features that must be taken into account. One of them is obviously to have the maps downloaded offline and it is the first thing you have to do when the service is launched. In the first screens you will see the possibility of adding different maps to which you always have access.

In a predefined way, depending on your location, you will get some recommended brands such as from the south of Spain or from the north. But here also include sea routes. When you have all this information downloaded, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to the route without having to be connected to the internet, this being one of its great advantages.

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