Mysterious AirPods Pro 2: how they will be, when we will see them and at what price — 2022

It is enough to look at the list of Apple AirPods, especially their release dates, to verify that the company has yet to renew two of its ranges. On the one hand, there would be the third-generation AirPods that are planned for the end of this year. On the other we find the Second generation AirPods Pro , about which little is known. Or maybe yes? We analyze in this post everything that is known at this time about these long-awaited headphones.

Almost two years later and without news in sight

Unlike what happens with devices like the iPhone, headphones are less likely to be renewed every year. It is not that the company has launched many versions of the AirPods range so far, but despite this we can infer that the company manages plans of approximately 2 years between generation and generation. Next November will be two years since the AirPods Pro reached a market where they still remain.

They are still very good quality headphones and in fact they continue to sell very well. However, there are those who already expect Apple to introduce something new. At this point it would be expected that before the end of the year we would see that second generation announced, but the truth is that there is no forecast of it. Yes, it was rumored at one point that they would arrive in 2021, but it seems that the information remained on a dead letter. Therefore, except for surprise, we will have to wait until 2022 at the earliest.

airpods pro case

What improvements could the AirPods Pro 2 have?

To intuit launches it is not necessary many times for some source to mark a date, but it can be evidenced if the number of rumors increases considerably. This is not the case with these hypothetical AirPods Pro 2, of which absolutely nothing is known . And yes, okay, nothing is officially known about the normal third-generation AirPods from Apple, but there are reliable sources that have been leaking information for months. But of the 'Pro 2' nothing at all.

That is why we have to sharpen our ingenuity and imagine (and dream) about improvements that they could have. Probably the craziest is to have a respiratory rate meter , something recently patented by the company for headphones and that despite seeming like an early patent, we have no doubt that its arrival would be in some AirPods Pro. That it be in the second generation, well hey, it would be very good. Although being objective and honest we believe that, at least for now, it seems more than unlikely.

More feasible improvements seem to be those related to the sound quality or features such as Noise Cancellation , as well as news in theAirPods touch controls. Don't get us wrong, the current ones more than comply in this regard, but in the end the technology industry is advancing very fast and improvements in this area are always to be expected. Although the theme of the price , which should be maintained at around the current 279 euros and implement excessively gross improvements in sections, thus implying an increase that we sincerely do not believe will occur.

airpods pro noise cancellation problems

It also seems feasible greater autonomy. 4-5 hours is what we have now, depending on whether the aforementioned cancellation function is activated or not and surely theAirPods compatibility with chargersMagSafe. And yes, it is a very good autonomy considering that it can be quickly recharged with the case. However, you can always demand a little more, especially when the headphones have already been used for a few months and even years and the battery has already suffered.

And since in the end this seems like a list of wishes more than information due to the lack of these, that by asking there is no left: colors . Many colors. We have seen how Apple in these years has succeeded in implementing bold ranges of colors in devices such as iPhone, iPad, iMac and even AirPods Max. Why not for AirPods Pro?

What do you think may be the novelties that we see in these headphones? And which ones do you think may end up arriving?