The Movistar eSIM and the Orange MultiSIM can now be used on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR — 2022

The future of connectivity goes through the eSIM or virtual SIM, a technology that wants to do away with the pieces of cardboard that we put in our iPhone to be able to have a mobile line. This technology that was activated on iPhones with iOS 12.1 a few weeks ago It can already be contracted from today with Movistar, which has officially released its eSIM and with Orange that has also activated theMultiSIM service on the latest Apple iPhone.

The 2018 iPhones have been the first Apple mobile devices to incorporate this technology. thus accelerating the interest of telephone companies in this type of technology which is definitely the future.

Movistar's eSIM arrives exclusively for iPhone

Movistar's eSIM was already more than announced since, in addition to being briefly launched in November, a few days ago the official Web with all the information to hire this new virtual card. The steps to hire her are really simple since you simply we must go to a physical store or call 1004 to request a duplicate of the SIM, in the event that we are not a new registration.

If you already have a line with Movistar you will have to request a duplicate SIM so you will have to pay 11 euros for it . If you arrive as a new customer simply you will pay €0. At the moment Movistar has limited this technology to the new iPhone 2018: iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, leaving the Apple Watch Series 4 aside, although we do not doubt that its integration will also be activated soon.

As we say, the activation is really simple since simply They will give you a QR code that you must scan with your iPhone so that all the information of your virtual card is downloaded and the necessary profiles are installed. You can find all the information on the Movistar eSIM on its official website.

Orange activates its MultiSIM service in the new iPhone

In addition to Movistar, Orange has also activated the Dual SIM for the iPhone 2018 thanks to the MultiSIM service. With this service we can have two mobile lines on the same phone, both a personal and a professional line. For us, this is a very successful measure for those professionals who want to separate personal matters from work on their mobile.

The only condition that you must meet on your iPhone is to have iOS 12.1 installed, the version that activated DualSIM. Also, if you need make a duplicate of your SIM card in Orange the price is only €5.

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