The Morning Show, Apple's award-winning series with Jennifer Aninston — 2022

The arrival of Apple TV + on November 1, 2019 brought with it the premiere of several self-produced content included in its catalog. Among them came The Morning Show, a series already announced in previous months and that focuses its story on the environment of a successful television program that is punctuated by a sexual scandal by one of its presenters.


    Director:Mimi Leder. Executive producers:Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Ehrin, Michael Ellenberg, Mimi Leder, Kristin Hahn and Lauren Levy Neustadte. Production companies:Media Res, Echo Films and Hello Sunshine. Script:Kerry Ehrin and Brian Stelter. Music:Carter Burwell. Photography:Michael Grady and David Lanzenberg. Distribution channels and platforms:Apple TV+.

Main characters

    Alex Levy:played by Jennifer Aninston, she has been the presenter of El Matinal for many years and is directly involved in the sexual scandal of her partner Mitch. Bradley Jackson:played by Reese Witherspoon, is a controversial reporter for a local Virginia television. She ends up being Mitch's substitute in El Matinal with Alex, although her adventure does not go too well. Mitch Kessler:played by Steve Carell, he has been the co-anchor of The Morning Show for years until he is embroiled in a sex scandal that ends with his dismissal. Charlie Black Chip:played by Mark Duplass, is the producer of El Matinal. Cory Elisson:played by Billy Crudup, is a director of the network that broadcasts El Matinal. Laura Peterson:played by Julianna Margulies (2nd season), is the new director of the program.

Secondary characters

    Claire Conway:played by Bel Powley. Yanko Flores:played by Nestor Carbonell. Hanna Shoenfeld:played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Mia Jordan:played by Karen Pittman. Daniel Henderson:played by Desean Terry. Alison Namazi:played by Janina Gavankar.

First season

The Morning Show has a 10-episode run in its first season. The first three chapters were released at the same time on November 1, 2019. The remaining seven chapters were broadcast one by one every Friday like the rest of the Apple TV + content. The last episode was broadcast on December 20, 2019.

Chapter 1 (1 × 01): In the dark night of the soul it is always 3:30 in the morning

    Release date:November 1, 2019 Duration:1h 3m Description:The Matinal has been a successful show for many years, with Alex Levy and Mitch Kessler forming an enviable hosting duo. However, the hearings are no longer those of yesteryear, to which is added Mitch's dismissal after a sexual harassment scandal was made public in which, allegedly, he would have taken advantage of his status to sleep with co-workers. On the other hand is Bradley Jackson, a reporter for a local Virginia channel who is interviewed on the show due to a viral video in which she is shown confronting a protester. Bradley's visit to El Matinal leaves no one indifferent.

Chapter 2 (1 × 02): A place at the table

    Release date:November 1, 2019 Duration:55m Description:Alex prepares for an awards ceremony in which she will be awarded while she debates with the network her renewal as presenter of El Matinal. Her situation is hanging by a thread due to the mistrust it generates in certain sectors and part of the team due to her close relationship with the fired Mitch Kessler. For her part, Bradley maintains contacts with one of the chain's executives, who even offers to co-host El Matinal. Finally it is Alex herself who, in the midst of collecting her award, announces the signing of Bradley to the surprise of all those present, including the production team.

Chapter 3 (1 × 03): Chaos is the new drug

    Release date:November 1, 2019 Duration:53m Description:Bradley is confused. The sudden signing of her surprise by El Matinal puts him in a serious bind. Both Alex and Cory pressure him to take the job. Finally, and without having signed a contract, she spends the whole weekend rehearsing her staging for Monday. The media are waiting to see her premiere on the show after her previous passage and after what happened with Mitch. Alex for her part begins a personal war against the chain in order to ratify her position in El Matinal.

Chapter 4 (1 × 04): That Woman

    Release date:November 8, 2019 Duration:50m Description:Bradley's first day as co-anchor of El Matinal starts well, even with some emotional after a live connection with her mother. However, Ella Bradley unexpectedly starts to go off script and she makes a fatal mistake by revealing that she had an abortion when she was 15 years old. Various groups and advertisers show her rejection of the network and the program, which generates doubts in Alex and the rest of the team regarding her appointment. Finally, when everything seemed to have calmed down, Bradley screwed up again in the middle of an interview with an alleged victim of Mitch, since she questions the complicity of the El Matinal team in this case.

Chapter 5 (1 × 05): Nobody will hurt you while I'm here

    Release date:November 15, 2019 Duration:1h 4m Description:Bradley's first week as co-host of El Matinal ends somewhat abruptly after her controversial interview with Kessler's victim, in which she questioned whether the show and the network had turned a blind eye to the situation. Precisely Kessler appears abruptly in the studies in order to ask for help from those he still considers colleagues, since the New York Times is about to publish an article that will uncover new scandals. On the other hand, we will witness a charity party at Alex's house, in which she will star in a curious scene with Cory.

Chapter 6 (1 × 06): The pendulum swings

    Release date:November 22, 2019 Duration:56m Description:Several fires on the west coast of the country mean that a large part of the El Matinal team has to travel to carry out a special program during the weekend. Both Alex and Bradley accompany the team and not exactly at the best time. For his part, Alex has to deal with a complicated family situation that becomes visible live. On the other hand, Chip undertakes a report with which he will go against the heavyweights of the network.

Chapter 7 (1×07): Open Sea

    Release date:November 29, 2019 Duration:57m Description:The article published in the Times continues to make people talk, which gives rise to an interesting conversation between Chip and Cory in which the figure of Fred is very present. On the other hand, we witness an interesting proposal from Kessler to Bradley, which he will reject but will remain very hesitant. For her part, Alex is very worried about her divorce, both knowing that the media will speculate about her and what it means for her daughter.

Chapter 8 (1 × 08): Loneliness at the top

    Release date:December 6, 2019 Duration:1h 1m Description:We move to a couple of years ago, to a series of specific dates that will put us in context and provide new clues to understand the scandal that splashes Mitch Kessler. It also coincides with an important point in Alex's career and when he began to lose the trust of the network's heavyweights.

Chapter 9 (1 × 09): Move the queen

1x09 morning show

    Release date:December 13, 2019 Duration:1h Description:Directors, presenters, part of the staff and others involved in the program live intense hours. A multiple conflict of interest turns the situation into a game of chess in which, yes or yes, several people will be scalded, while others will benefit. The situation of Matinal itself on the air could also hang in the balance.

Chapter 10 (1 × 10): The Interview

    Release date:December 20, 2019 Duration:1h 6m Description:Bradley, Cory, Chip and Mitch on one side; Alex and Fred for another. Hannah in the middle of everyone. Whatever happens, many things will change in El Matinal. The conflict of interest is bordering on unexpected turns.

Second season

Apple confirmed a few dates after its premiere that The Morning Show and other Apple TV + series were renewed for a second season. The filming of this began in early 2020, but in March it was confirmed that it was paralyzed due to the health alert for the coronavirus COVID-19. In summer 2021, the premiere was confirmed for the September 17, 2021.

Chapter 11 (2 × 01): The year that I like the least

the morning show 2x01

    Release date:September 17, 2021 Duration:53 minutes Description:A new year begins and with it the tension in the program goes through the roof, with an Alex who is committed to having to make a decision that, once again, will mark her life and therefore she must think carefully about each step she takes. Bradley for her part feels betrayed when she sees what happens.

Chapter 12 (2 × 02): It's like the flu

the morning show 2x02

    Release date:September 24, 2021 Duration:52 minutes Description:Strange days for the entire program team. Alex makes an incognito visit to the network's headquarters, although perhaps not as incognito as he thought. Cory for his part organizes an intimate dinner that doesn't end up being that intimate either, while Bradley is in a rather complicated point after his sick leave that isn't illness either.

Chapter 13 (2×03): Laura

the morning show 2x03

    Release date:October 1, 2021 Duration:53 minutes Description:Alex is ready for her re-debut on the show, something that still doesn't satisfy a Bradley who is resigned to covering the presidential election campaign. All this with the shadow of Laura Peterson, whose interviews with both could endanger the image of Alex and the program, so both are very cautious with her statements.

Chapter 14 (2×04): Killing the Fattest Calf

the morning show 2x04

    Release date:October 8, 2021 Duration:57 minutes Description:Alex has already made his debut on the show again and it hasn't turned out as badly as you might imagine. However, he does not want to accept the proposal to moderate a debate, a position to which many aspire and especially Bradley, who is hanging by a thread and Cory does not know how to act.

Chapter 15 (2×05): Ghosts

the morning show 2x05

    Release date:October 15, 2021 Duration:55 minutes Description:A large part of the team from the show and the network travels to Las Vegas to carry out the presidential debate that Alex will finally moderate. But it won't exactly be a pleasant trip, since it seems that the book that is about to be published does not stop tormenting Alex, who on top of her is suffering from a severe back pain.

Chapter 16 (2×06): A reserved person

the morning show 2x06

    Release date:October 22, 2021 Duration:54 minutes Description:Alex continues to drop out of the show and no one knows where he is. Bradley for her part welcomes Laura as her co-anchor during the time Alex is away, though an unexpected leak and a visit from her brother put her in check.

Chapter 17 (2 × 07): The Amara Vita

the morning show 2x07

    Release date:October 29, 2021 Duration:51 minutes Description:Alex can't take it anymore and decides to head to Italy to reunite with Mitch, all with the firm goal of healing old wounds that are still open and that have been tormenting him since he returned to the show. A visit that also arrives just when the restrictions begin in the transalpine country due to COVID-19.

Chapter 18 (2×08): Confirmations

2x08 the morning show

    Release date:November 5, 2021 Duration:56 minutes Description:The news of Mitch's accident reaches the ears of the program's team, who hesitate among themselves to give the news or not, waiting for Alex to return and be the visible face to give news of such impact.

Chapter 19 (2×09): Testimony

the morning show 2x09

    Release date:November 12, 2021 Duration:58 minutes Description:Although Alex has to swallow hosting the show with Laura in Bradley's absence, it serves as a way to have a conversation from years ago. On the other hand, Bradley comes out in defense of Alex in the interview with the author of the controversial book that she brings to this head.

Chapter 20 (2×10): Fever

the morning show 2x10

    Release date:November 19, 2021 Duration:1 hour and 1 minute Description:The COVID-19 pandemic is here, and as the show's crew is sent home by Mia, Bradley is desperately searching for her brother. Alex, for her part, has already left the hospital despite still being infected by the virus, also having very strong symptoms.

Will there be a third season of The Morning Show?

Unlike what happened during the first season, which, while still on air, had a second confirmed, the series was not renewed until several weeks had passed since the end of the second. In this way, in January 2022 it was officially confirmed a new batch of episodes. It was also an open secret according to how the second ended.

Of course, hardly any data is known about the new episodes, either about their filming or their possible release date. In any case, it does not seem that it will arrive before 2023. What has been confirmed from Apple TV + is that the series will have a new showrunner, Charlotte Stoudt. This is known from other successful series like Homeland or House of Cards.

Other facts and curiosities

  • The series began to take shape in November 2017, just in the month that Apple ordered a series that should have at least two seasons with 10 chapters in each of them.
  • The casting of actors began to close in October 2018, just a year after the series began to take shape.
  • Jennifer Aninston and Reese Witherspoon, who already worked together on the legendary Friends, are not only the stars of the series but also act as producers.
  • The first season was recorded in 7 months, from October 2018 to May 2019.
  • The first official data of the series was given by Apple at an event held in March 2019, in which they officially presented the Apple TV + platform. This event was attended by Jennifer Aninston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.
  • The set where the episodes of The Morning Show are recorded is in Los Angeles, more specifically in the James Oviatt Building.
  • The series has a multitude of elements that in advertising are called branded placement. This is reflected in the number of Macs and iPhones used by the characters, which is somewhat logical considering that it is an original Apple series.
  • In March 2020, filming had to be stopped due to the health alert caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.
  • In a chapter of the second season, they make a curious reference to Friends and the character that Jennifer Aniston played there. They said Alex, Aniston's character on The Morning Show, without the show was something like Rach (Aniston on Friends) without Ross.

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