Mophie to Release Wireless Charging Compatible Power Bank Case for iPhone X — 2022

Mophie is famous in the world of mobile accessories as the quality of mobile accessories is quite good. This brand has been working on what will be the first case with a built-in power bank that can be wirelessly recharged for iPhone X. There is no specific date for its market launch, although what is certain is that it will be this year.

This Mophie case will give your iPhone X more autonomy

In the last Keynote of September, Apple, albeit late, incorporated wireless charging into its new devices and that is why there are already numerous accessory brands that are releasing new accessories also exploiting this feature such as this cover that can give us greater autonomy in our day to day and that can be recharged in a very simple way.

The Mophie brand is endorsed by the certificate granted by the Wireless Power Consortium which makes this brand have a higher category basically because this certificate encourages manufacturers to test accessories with their devices to see if they work optimally. So buying something from Mophie is make sure that it has been tested by Apple itself on its products.

The accessory we are discussing today has the name Juice Pack Air , a case made to measure for the iPhone X with a built-in 1720 mAh battery , so the autonomy of our terminal can increase considerably, specifically up to nine hours in conversation more.

Currently this type of case is available for the rest of the iPhone ranges, and the operation is very simple: will start providing power to the device when the device is approaching zero . The price is more or less around 100 dollars, and if you want to take advantage of the wireless charging of its built-in battery, you must have a compatible charging base. Specifically the one they sell themselves It is priced at €64.95.

In the coming months we can see this launch, although this type of cover has a problem, it makes the terminal thicker as is logical, something that does not convince some users.