Mister, download these apps if you are a soccer coach — 2022

The App Store is a tremendous source of applications and it is rare that a user does not find an app to carry out a certain task. For this reason, in this post we bring you a compilation of applications that have been designed and developed for soccer coaches, in order to make their work as easy as possible.

Forget whiteboards with these apps

One of the elements that characterize the life of a coach are the blackboards. Surely if you have ever played football in a competitive team you will have seen your coach or the rest of the coaches on numerous occasions with a huge bag where the board was kept. Well, here we bring you a series of applications with which the whiteboard will be inside your iPhone or iPad .

Tactic Board: Soccer

tactical board

We start strong with one of the best apps that you can find in the App Store to be able to replace your physical whiteboard with an application that you only have to install on your iPhone or iPad. Tactic Board is a very intuitive, stable and powerful app that will give you the opportunity to carry out all the tasks and explanations that you used to do with your traditional whiteboard.

What this app really does is give you the opportunity to digitize the classic blackboard , with all the advantages that this entails. With it you can create tactics and drills for your footballers. Carry out animated exercises and export them later as mp4 files . It also has numerous drawing tools such as different lines, points... In short, a perfect application for all trainers.

Tactic Board: Soccer Tactic Board: Soccer Descargar QR-Code Tactic Board: Soccer Developer: BLUELINDEN

TacticalIPad Whiteboard Trainer


In this case we want to talk to you about TacticalIPad, an application that, as its name suggests, has been designed and developed with iPad in mind , although it is also fully functional on the iPhone. It is one of the most complete tools you can find to be a coach, assistant, analyst, journalist or simply because you love football.

It is easy to use, agile , and adapts to all levels of football, from the most amateur to a professional and ultra-competitive environment. With this app you can do projects with multiple whiteboards tactics, it has support for animated plays that you can visualize in 3 dimensions thanks to the animations it has. It also offers you a notepad to be able to write down anything at any time.

TacticalPad Whiteboard Trainer TacticalPad Whiteboard Trainer Descargar QR-Code TacticalPad Whiteboard Trainer Developer: Temma Software

Tacbo – Tactical Folder

Tacbo - Tactical Folder

If what you're looking for is a simple and flexible board that allows you to clearly and easily show the different tactical lessons, this application is certainly made for you. It has a really minimalist and simple interface, with which you will be able to forget about distractions and focus yourself or your soccer players on what is most important.

On the board you can do everything a coach needs and that until now he has been doing on a traditional blackboard. You can use photos, edit titles, touch and draw on the field to explain certain movements, add a ball to make it mobile, move the icons, in short, you can do everything a coach needs from a traditional blackboard.

Tacbo -Tactical Folder Tacbo -Tactical Folder Descargar QR-Code Tacbo -Tactical Folder Developer: Gaku Morita

Organize workouts from iPhone or iPad

In all sports, training is a fundamental part if you want to perform at a good level later during the competition. In fact, you have surely heard the typical phrase that you play like you train, well, with the applications that we present below you will be able to perfectly plan all training of your team.

the football coach

the football coach

This application is one of the most outstanding of this compilation for all the information that it is capable of providing to the user. It has a wide selection of exercises and game forms that have been tested by professionals. All this so that in a few seconds the coach can put together a training session according to his needs.

All the exercises that this application has are described in detail and graphically illustrated so that both the coaches and the players themselves can understand it perfectly. In addition, all the exercises are categorized into warm-up, technical exercises, tactical exercises, forms of play, physical condition, for goalkeepers or just for fun.

the football coach the football coach Descargar QR-Code the football coach Developer: Soccer Spielkultur GmbH

Efficiency Match Sports

Efficiency Match Sport

Efficiency Match Sports is an application that will allow you design exercises, create animations, manage teams , take notes, have statistics of your matches, in short, that it is a very complete application with which soccer coaches will have at their fingertips all the information they need to make the appropriate decisions.

It has a huge variety of animations that will allow you to even be able to export to PDF, image or video your training sessions, which you can completely customize depending on which aspects of the game you want to work on. It also has a calendar to help you organize your training sessions much better.

Efficiency Match Sports Efficiency Match Sports Descargar QR-Code Efficiency Match Sports Developer: EFFICIENCY MATCH LIMITED COMPANY

easy2coach Training – Soccer


As the name of this application says, its function is to make the work of soccer coaches easier. It is a databases where you can find numerous soccer training sessions and where you can plan all your sessions using the enormous variety of exercises it has.

Also, c Every day the exercise database is expanded and renewed , so you will always be aware of the latest trends in the world of football. It also offers the possibility of using its search engine to carry out a detailed search for some type of exercise that you need at that moment for your training session. You will be able to create training plans, groups and training lists as well as manage everything a coach needs.

easy2coach Training - Football easy2coach Training - Football Descargar QR-Code easy2coach Training - Football Developer: Easy2Coach GmbH

Manage your team with these apps

The mission of a coach is to try get the most out of your players in order for this to become the best group performance of the team. However, for this it is not only important to carry out adequate training, but it is also vital to manage the team well. For this we bring you these applications that will surely make many tasks easier for you.

Smart Football Coach++

Smart Football Coach++

From the creators of one of the best tactical board applications for the App Store comes Smart Football Coach++, an app with five main modules that has the objective of helping the coach to manage in a more optimal and comfortable way everything that is related to the team and each of its players.

First of all you can have all your template collected in this app , you just have to easily add your players and enter the information that is most relevant to you. It also has the opportunity to record all the games you play, again giving you the chance to collect the data that is most relevant and important to you for later analysis. In addition, you will also be able to record training sessions, different schedules and statistics for both the group and the individual section of each player.

Smart Football Coach++ Smart Football Coach++ Descargar QR-Code Smart Football Coach++ Developer: BLUELINDEN

Soccer Coach – Team Sports Manager

Soccer Coach - Team Sport Manager

As we have mentioned before, a football coach does not only have to dedicate himself to carrying out adequate training or making decisions during the development of a match, the management of the team, of each of the individual talents that he has at his disposal is vital. in order to get the best performance from the equipment.

This application has been designed and developed in order to give the coach all the possible tools so that he can carry out his function successfully. It has a wide variety from training animated, you can manage all the profiles of your footballers , collect data from training sessions and matches , record each and every one of the results, in short, a fantastic app for soccer coaches.

Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager Descargar QR-Code Soccer Coach - Team Sports Manager Developer: Steve Whitfield



We changed the theme of the applications a bit, but without losing sight of the management that a coach has to do with all the players at his disposal. One of the key points for the team to offer optimal performance, which after all is the objective of every coach, is the physical condition of each of the players.

With SoccerPulse you will have at your fingertips the key information of the physical state of the components of the equipment. Through an interactive questionnaire, players will report on fatigue, pain, sleep quality, injuries and general mood. In this way, the app will be able to interpret said information and give the coach a conclusion about the physical state of each of his soccer players.

SoccerPulse - Player Tracker SoccerPulse - Player Tracker Descargar QR-Code SoccerPulse - Player Tracker Developer: SoccerPulse LLC



We finish this compilation with an application that it has not been conceived or designed especially for football coaches , if not for all the people and professionals who want to create a database of anything, and therefore, it can be a fantastic tool also for soccer coaches.

In Notion you will have the opportunity to save and computer all the information you want . It is an application that has numerous tools of great quality and utility to create a database to your liking. You'll be able to make calendars, player files, information about rivals, in short, practically everything you set out to do can be done in this application.

Notion - Notes, projects, docs Notion - Notes, projects, docs Descargar QR-Code Notion - Notes, projects, docs Developer: Notion Labs, Incorporated

Which ones do we recommend?

Whenever we carry out this type of compilation of applications, we like to tell you which ones, from our point of view, stand out above the rest in each of the categories into which we have divided this post. In the first place, if we had to choose an application to replace the typical classic whiteboard, we would choose Tactic Board: Football since it offers all the possibilities that at some point or another, the trainer may need to use.

As for applications that make it easier for the coach to carry out all his training sessions, the alternative that has seduced us the most is the football coach , both for the possibilities it brings to the table and for the aesthetics of the application, since it makes everything very easily understandable for both the manager and the footballer. Finally, to organize all the points that a coach has to take into account, we believe that the best dedicated application for this is Soccer Coach – Team Sports Manager , although if you have knowledge about Notion possibly the best possible option.