Microsoft presents To-Do, the app that would replace Wunderlist — 2022

Wunderlist's days are numbered, the task management application purchased by Microsoft in 2015 may be in serious trouble. Microsoft has decided to present today the first public preview of the substitute for Wunderlist, his name is To-Do .

Microsoft introduces To-Do

To-Do, Microsoft's new task application is now available for all those users who have an iPhone. It is a new application that appears earlier on Apple phones than on any other operating system. Preliminary versions for iPad and Mac will be the next to arrive in the coming weeks .

The people of Microsoft wanted to specify that the Wunderlist team will not sit idly by since their destiny will be to incorporate new smart features and integrate these features into new services and features in Office 365 .

If we talk about the new To-Do app created by Microsoft, we can say that it is based on Office 365. In the coming months, the application will incorporate improvements that will allow it to be even more useful for more people and for more places. To-Do will allow a first integration with Outlook which will make it much easier and more comfortable to stay on top of our Outlook tasks from anywhere.

Goodbye Wunderlist… Hello To-Do!

Our tasks will automatically be synchronized with those pending, which will allow us to access and manage them through all our devices. This all sounds pretty good but what is going to happen to all the current Wunderlist users?

Those from Redmond assure that all Wunderlist users will not have to change their data to this new app yet, but Microsoft already has an importer so that users can migrate to the new application now .

Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist. While the name and icon may change, the team that brought you Wunderlist lives on. We hope that To-Do will be even more useful, intuitive and personal.

We still do not know exactly how this data export will be done by Microsoft, what we do know from its owners is that Wunderlist will say goodbye to us soon . Bad news for many people who loved this app.

If you want to try this new Microsoft application called To-Do, you can do it directly on your iPhone for free from the App Store . However, all those users of Android , Windows 10 or through web version They already have a first preview of what one day (not too far away) will be To-Do. We will keep abreast of the launch on more devices and operating systems and we will tell you about our experience with this application, so I recommend that you do not miss all the news on our website.