Meet Jon Prosser, the mysterious Apple guru — 2022

Companies like Apple have long been unable to keep secrets within their offices. The launches that they have in mind come to light because of the 'fault' of different prestigious analysts who surely sound familiar to you. One of the most important is undoubtedly Jon Prosser who has come to the world to challenge the most veteran analysts and has succeeded. In this article we tell you who Jon Prosser is and his most notorious predictions.

Jon Prosser, an analyst who faces the most veterans

Apple's Keynotes no longer have an air of mystery around them, much to our regret. A few years ago, people arrived at a product presentation with the illusion and intrigue of what they were going to announce from Apple, but this has now been lost. Analysts such as Jon Prosser have been in charge of spread numerous leaks , which inform us of everything that Apple has in mind to present. This causes that a software or hardware presentation is reached with a list of everything that is going to be mentioned, and that in most cases it ends up being fulfilled. But this is not something exclusive to Apple, since it happens in practically all technology companies.

The field of Apple-related leaks was dominated by two main analysts: Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman. But now we must add a third name that has earned a very good reputation in a short time, such as Jon Prosser. This analyst is a youtuber who has a channel called ‘Front Page Tech’, In addition to being the CEO of ‘I told you son’. And practically overnight it has become one of Apple's most important leakers, after its success in the launch date of the iPhone SE.

Jon Prosser FPT

Something characteristic of Jon Prosser is that all the leaks are made through his Twitter account. This is a pretty nifty thing to do as other analysts prefer to release reports to investors or work for established media outlets. In this case Jon Prosser enjoy much more freedom , by discussing these topics on his YouTube channel and on his YouTube account. It is essential to follow him on Twitter if you want to be aware of possible releases from Apple. Although, on his YouTube channel he also works to launch videos with a lot of product information. The fact of making these comments on Twitter has caused other great analysts such as Mark Gurman to have dared to refute him.

The iPhone SE 2 started it all

Jon Prosser's fame can be said to have started with the iPhone SE 2020. While there was great uncertainty as to when this new Apple device would be released, Prosser posted a tweet announcing this release hours before it was official. From this moment on, many of us put our eyes on all his comments. He was undoubtedly correct in everything he said, because the facts backed him up. The same thing happened with the 13″ MacBook Pro, since a month earlier he confirmed Apple's plans to launch it in May 2020, and in the end it ended up being fulfilled.

And it is that nobody knows the sources that Jon Prosser has, but they are clearly in a very high rung of the Apple organization chart. A low-ranking employee of the company and even major investors may have information, which feeds many analysts, but Prosser's sources go much further.

This has been clearly seen with the leaks he released on the Apple Glass , an unknown and highly secret product. But it is that according to Jon Prosser, he was able to see a prototype of this product, something that the rest of the analysts have not had access to. In addition to being able to see it, it also yielded many very interesting data on its characteristics that have high reliability. He even wanted to go against information from other analysts regarding release dates, causing some 'discussion'. But it is clear that he has shown that his information is of a very high quality, and that he is not a random person who throws information at random and ends up hitting by a stroke of luck. Informing hours before that a product will be launched on a specific day and it ends up being fulfilled, he says a lot.

It is true that he does not have a long history like other typical analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo. This is why his hit rate is 100% and he is considered to be an extremely trustworthy person in this regard.

Jon Prosser in the crosshairs of Apple

No company of Apple's caliber likes to have these kinds of leaks. Especially about products that are under development and about which a select group of people have information because they have not even entered production. This has caused Jon Prosser to get some hate from the company for watering down the surprises that Apple had regarding a launch. The most obvious fact is that the Vice-President of Marketing, Phil Schiller, block on twitter despite not having any kind of contact with him through this channel.

It is clear that Apple although it is prepared for some leaks that we can call subtle, they have not seen well these leaks that it has made of enormous depth. Talking about specific launch dates or characteristics of a product that is considered a 'One More Thing' is something that must be addressed.

It is important to make it clear that Jon Prosser is the messenger. He doesn't have direct access to all this information, so Apple has to find that mole he has in the Apple Park offices. It is not logical to blame a journalist who does his job in an exceptional way and tries to inform users. But the truth is that over time leaks have become almost uncontrollable, reaching the upper echelons of the company.

What is clear is that Jon Prosser is here to stay. He wants to become one of the great voices within the rumor mill and Apple leaks, and for now he is on the right track. The problem is the one that we have commented previously, all the magic is taken away from the keynotes but sometimes we users also err in wanting to know all the characteristics of a product ahead of time. But obviously you always have to take any type of leak with a grain of salt, since until it is official by Apple it does not become a reality.