Malware detected! Be careful if you have a new Mac with M1 — 2022

No device is exempt from the hands of hackers. A few months ago, Apple presented its new Macs with M1 chips that, a priori, were free of all existing malware. This has ended up changing drastically when discovering a newmalware for macwhich is specially designed to infect Apple's M1 chip. In this article we will tell you all the details of this malware as well as the precautions that you should always take into account.

Macs with M1 are not free from malware

Researcher Patrick Wardle has recently published a new report via Wired where it is explained in considerable detail how this malware works. It cannot be said that this is a new malware, since it existed previously for computers that install an Internet processor. What has been done a priori is a simple adaptation so that it can be executed natively on the M1 chip.

According to the researcher, this malware is 'camouflaged' in an adware extension for Safari, called GoSearch22 which is something already well known in this world. It falls under the 'Pirrit' group of programs that is very present in Mac adware that tries to evade protection systems at all times. That is why it was certainly expected to see this adaptation to the M1 chip.

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This malware, which a priori may be harmless as it is a simple Safari extension, has different objectives. The first of these is the collection of personal information as well as the appearance of a large number of ads and pop-ups that are difficult to close. This reminds us quite a bit of malware that appeared a few years ago on older computers and was quite common. Without a doubt, they can become really annoying and the problem is that today there are no tools available to be able to detect them. In addition to this, other malware that are possible candidates to monopolize the front pages of the media are also being investigated.

As we said at the beginning, this is something totally to be expected, since hackers aim to infect any computer and evade all the barriers that stand in their way.

Prevention measures you should take

At this time, only the Mac mini, MacBook Pro, andMacBook Air with M1 chipare candidates to be infected with this malware. In the end, all computers will have this processor and it must be considered that no computer is 100% secure. That is why cybersecurity measures should not be relaxed even if you are using a new computer with a processor architecture that has marked a before and after.

The only way to avoid infection on the Mac is to basically have common sense . The best antivirus is the user himself. Avoid downloading files that you do not recognize as trustworthy, as well as browser extensions, at all costs. You should know that nobody is going to give you anything for free or expensive facilities, so if they promise you something in exchange for installing an extension, it is better that you always be suspicious.