Make your videos on Mac take up less space and send them more easily — 2022

Videos can take up a lot of space on our devices and if they are also long or recorded in high resolutions, the weight is even greater. If you are having problems with it, a good solution is to compress them. Precisely in this article we show you all the ways that exist to compress videos on a Mac computer, since you have several ways to do it at your disposal.

Aspects to consider

There are several advantages to compress videos, whether on a Mac or any other device. The first of these is the Retrench of space what it means to have the compressed videos, since they take up much less space and this is appreciated if you have many videos and also your Mac has little memory. It is also beneficial when send them to other people , since by weighing less, the transfer will be faster.

Now there is also drawbacks . The main one of them and that you should take into account in most part is that it could be lose quality in the video. Depending on the type of compression you do, the loss will be greater or less, but you will always lose something for obvious reasons. So when you unzip it you will probably notice it.

The two methods to do it natively

There are two ways to compress videos on your Mac without having to install any application. What's more, because you don't need it, you won't even need an internet connection. Of course, one of these methods is not an understanding as such, something that we will explain to you at its respective point. Let's go by parts.

With the macOS Compressor

The fastest, easiest and most universal way to compress any file on Mac, including videos, is by going to its respective folder, selecting the respective files, by right-clicking and choosing the Compress option . You can compress just one video, several into individual files, or several into a single compressed file. You can even compress them together with other types of files such as photos, documents or any other.

compress video native mac

The time it will take to compress depends on the size of the videos. In any case, it is usually quite fast. However, the inconvenience of this method is that you can't choose the type of compression unlike what you can do with other applications like the ones that we will explain in another section of this article.

Understanding from the Photos app

If you use the Photos app native Apple, you have the content synchronized with iCloud and you have also activated the option to optimize storage, both the photos and the videos in your gallery will be somewhat compressed without taking up space. They are accessible for immediate download if you have internet and you can actually see their thumbnails, although as such they will not be on your Mac (at least the older ones).

It is true that it is not a compression to use, but it can help you save space and you will also know that you will not lose quality when downloading them because they are really uploaded to iCloud in full without losing an iota of their original quality. To check if your videos are being stored in this way, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  2. In the top menu bar, click where it says Photos.
  3. Now click on Preferences.
  4. Go to the iCloud tab and make sure iCloud Photos is turned on as well as Optimize Mac Storage.

icloud photos mac

Compress videos on Mac with applications

We can find a multitude of programs for Mac that are used to compress videos and any other type of file. And although the interface, the number of options or the source of your download may vary in these, the truth is that in the end they all work in a similar way. In fact are integrated in the same way as the native compressor , that is, by secondary clicking you can choose to compress them with these apps.

As we said, there are many applications that exist and whose operation is good, allowing you to compress videos, but also any other element that you have on your Mac. Here is a list with the most outstanding ones, although if you accept our recommendation, The Unarchiver is one of the best. In addition to being an excellent 100% free compressor, it is also one of the best when it comes to decompressing.

Options available in the App Store

The following applications are used, as we have already mentioned, to compress videos, but also any other file. The ones that we show you below are those that can be downloaded from the very App Store of the Mac. These are one hundred percent safe as they have passed all the filters that Apple requires developers to enter its app store, so they are reliable.

The Unarchiver The Unarchiver Descargar QR-Code The Unarchiver Developer: MacPaw Inc. Decompressor Decompressor Descargar QR-Code Decompressor Developer: Rocky Sand Studio Ltd. Unarchiver One: RAR & Zip Tool Unarchiver One: RAR & Zip Tool Descargar QR-Code Unarchiver One: RAR & Zip Tool Developer: Trend Micro, Incorporated Extractor - Unarchive Files Extractor - Unarchive Files Descargar QR-Code Extractor - Unarchive Files Developer: FIPLAB Ltd WinRAR - RAR ZIP 7Z Unarchiver WinRAR - RAR ZIP 7Z Unarchiver Descargar QR-Code WinRAR - RAR ZIP 7Z Unarchiver Developer: qing qing yu aZip Unarchiver-RAR,7Z,ZIP... aZip Unarchiver-RAR,7Z,ZIP... Descargar QR-Code aZip Unarchiver-RAR,7Z,ZIP... Developer: Hui Li

Applications that are downloaded from the browser

These others, unlike the previous ones, are those that must be downloaded from the browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera...). To do this, you must access the developer's website. And you are probably wondering if they are reliable and the truth is that, despite not being in the App Store, they are trustworthy. Of course, as long as you download them legally from the respective websites of each developer and not on websites of doubtful trust.

There are several, although we highlight the following three and, although we believe that the ones in the App Store serve perfectly, if you want to know which one we would choose from here, it would be Wondershare , which also allows you to change the format of the videos, making it also a way to compress them.


How to do it online through web pages

There are several websites that allow you to compress files based on their own online tools, as simple as manually dragging or selecting the video(s) in question and waiting for them to be compressed. Then they offer the possibility of downloading them and saving them in your downloads folder or in any other folder.

Most give you options for compression. However, and even more so having options like those previously mentioned, these are at the end the least recommended method . The reason for this is that due to privacy issues, they may not be the best options. Also because they have many limitations when it comes to compressing large files and sometimes even ask to pay to use the tool in its entirety, so in the end they are not one hundred percent free. In any case, here is a list of the most popular websites for this in case you want to try them:


Unzip videos on Mac is easy

Once compressed, surely you may be wondering how to uncompress them. And the truth is that it could not be easier to do. In fact the process is very similar to compression. In fact, you only have to double-click on them to decompress them, and the already decompressed videos appear again in the same folder in which you did it.

Normally the decompression will be done with the native Apple program that we have talked about previously, although there is also the possibility of choosing to do it with one of the applications that we have mentioned previously (or any other that has not been mentioned and that you are using) . Of course, remember that as we told you in this same post, it is likely that the quality of the uncompressed video is no longer the same as the original.