Make your purchases at Apple through the web or its official app — 2022

Several years ago it was no longer necessary to have to go to a physical store to make a purchase. Thanks to the internet it is possible to make purchases safely and without having to leave home. Obviously, Apple, as one of the leading companies in technology, also offers the possibility of buying in the Apple Store online. In this post we tell you how you can do it from your website or application, as well as other useful information about it.

Purchases on the Apple website

The good thing about buying through the official Apple website is that you can do it from any device have a browser. Therefore, it is not only useful on iPhone, iPad or Mac, but it will also be possible to use this purchase method from a Windows computer or Android mobile and tablet. The first thing is to access the portal and once there you will find that at the top you can select the country you are in . If this option does not appear, you will have to write the web page with the domain of your country. If it is Spain, it would be

Web Apple

If you are in the desktop version you will see that a bar appears at the top with the following names:

  • Mac (full range of computers)
  • iPad (full range of tablets)
  • iPhone (full range of phones)
  • Watch (the entire range of watches)
  • TV (Apple TV devices and Apple TV+ platform)
  • Music (iPod y Apple Music)
  • Support (online technical service)

Apple mobile website

In mobile version you will have a two-line icon in the upper left. In each of the sections you will be able to find useful information on the devices that the company has for sale, but there will also be the route to buy them. It should be noted that then in each product category we find a division in which we not only find the models for sale, but also accessories for each of them, including AirPods headphones.

Apple website buy

Once you access the product category, you must click on the specific model that you are interested in buying. In this way you will access all the informative content offered by Apple of the device, having to click on the Buy at the top right. Once there you will find different equipment configuration options (colors, storage, etc.). When you have chosen everything you must click on Continue or in Add to Cart. Then you will be able to access the different payment options, as well as everything related to receiving the order, being able to choose a delivery address and even pick it up at a store if you wish.

Through the Apple Store app

If you have an iOS or iPadOS device, you should know that by going to the App Store you can download the official Apple shopping application. This app is in a certain way an abbreviated form of the website, since it is possible to find identical information and access the same product catalog that the company has on its digital portal. In fact, we could say that it is much more comfortable and intuitive to make purchases through this app if you do it with an iPhone or iPad.

Apple Store Apple Store Descargar QR-Code Apple Store Developer: Apple

The app is divided into four tabs: Shop, Sessions, Search, and Stocks. The definition of each one is evident from their names, having the first as the main one to execute purchases, the second to obtain information and make appointments for Today at Apple, the third to facilitate the search for products and the last to see all the products added to the digital basket before finalizing a purchase process. Therefore, you already know that you have two methods to make a purchase: exploring the Buy tab or searching for the exact product in the Search tab.

Buy Apple Store app

Once you have chosen the product or products to buy, you will only have to click on add to bag and go precisely to this tab to close the purchase process. You will have the option to pay by Apple Pay in case you have it activated and if you cannot make the payment with a bank card. Again you will be able to choose the place of delivery of the order.

What about the warranty?

If you are in Europe, one of the advantages of buying Apple products from the company itself is that you will have 26 months warranty that are in accordance with current legislation that establishes a minimum of 24 months for devices of this type. If you buy from a third-party provider, you will only have the first 12 months with Apple and the subsequent 12 months with the seller itself, which is not bad, but it may not satisfy you.

In some places on the Apple website it appears that the warranty only lasts 1 year, which is not true. In conversations with Apple itself we have been able to confirm the 26 months, something that anyone can consult by contacting the company. The reason that only 1 year appears on many occasions is due to a practically literal Spanish translation of Apple's American website, where the guarantee is 1 year.

On the other hand, it should be noted that buying this way you will also have access to add AppleCare + to those devices that support it. This is an extended company warranty that covers some repairs not covered by the normal warranty and significantly lowers the price of others. In this case, it would cover 24 months, and it can also be contracted during the 60 days after the purchase.

Other advantages of buying from Apple online

The great advantage of buying an iPhone, Mac or any other product in the Apple Store online is that it is much more comfortable than in a physical store, since you will not have to travel and you will be able to receive everything at home. The fact of finding same products as in stores is also an advantage. Likewise, if you want to be able to test the product on site to verify its operation, you can request collection at your nearest Apple Store.

Apple Store Alone

On the subject of returns They also follow the same policies as in a physical store, so you will have 14 days to return a product if you are not satisfied, regardless of whether it is used or you have thrown away the plastic packaging, since they only require that it not have any physical damage and that it be delivered with all the original accessories and the box.

Notably payment methods are secure and the processing of your data as well, so there will be no danger that an unauthorized third party has access to it and you may even lose money. Therefore, if you are determined to buy one or more Apple products, we recommend this option given the facilities it offers and the comfort and security that doing so provides, regardless of whether you do it through the website or the official app.