Make your photos and videos look better with these iPhone accessories — 2022

A few years ago it was unthinkable to be able to take high-quality photos with a mobile phone, however smartphone technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and we can now obtain very professional results with them. In this article we compile a series of photography accessories for the iPhone that will help improve your snapshots.

iPhone tripods

One of the main recommendations for taking professional photos is to have the best possible stability when taking a photo, especially if it is done with a long exposure time as is the case with night photos. Photos taken with zoom also require good stabilization and despite the fact that you can have a good hand, in the end it is best to use tools such as tripods that can guarantee that the iPhone does not move or that its movement is as little as possible.

Peyou mobile tripod

Great universal tripod where you can place any model of iPhone and even Android devices. It folds very easily, allowing it to be stored and transported without taking up too much space. It can be placed at a height of 40 cm or 128 meters, so you will be able to obtain different types of view thanks to this change in height. It also has a remote control via bluetooth that allows you to take photos without having to press the corresponding button on the iPhone. It comes with a carrying bag in which it will be well protected.

On some occasions, having a tripod with these characteristics at hand will be great for taking different types of photography, especially those that use long exposure. In them, it is necessary for the iPhone to be still in the same position for a few seconds in order to obtain a good result, which if it does not happen, it ruins the entire photograph. Another of the most common uses is that of group photographs. Usually the selfie is the first resource to take this type of photos, however, if the group in question is numerous, it is difficult for everyone to take a selfie and you have to choose to place the iPhone in a place where everyone can be focused. at the same time, and for this this tripod will come in handy.

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JOBY GorillaPod – Basic Kit

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The GorillaPod is one of the most popular tripods of all, as it is one of the most used by users who often use the iPhone to record vlogs and simply to have an accessory that allows you to hold the device to practically any surface. In this case, it is one of the most basic alternatives that the JOBY brand puts on the table for users, however, for many occasions it is more than enough since, after all, it is capable of holding the iPhone without no kind of problem.

You will also have the possibility of being able to play with the different adapters that this basic kit provides you, adapting their use to the needs that you may have at any given time or depending on the photography that you want to take. Despite its small size, it is compact enough to ensure the stability of the iPhone at all times. Its handling is very simple and intuitive, making it ideal for all types of users.

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Latec selfie stick

This is not just any selfie stick, since it can be used as such to take selfies or photos with a distance further from your arm, however it is also possible to configure it as a tripod. It has a bluetooth remote control with a 65 mAh battery that can easily take up to 50,000 selfies, so on rare occasions you will have to recharge the battery. Its comfort is maximum, since when folded it occupies a tiny space to store it in any drawer or closet and take up little space in a backpack.

It is a very suitable accessory to be able to travel with it to practically any place and count on its benefits when it comes to immortalizing all the moments you want. On many occasions and due to space issues, users have to choose between carrying their selfie stick or a tripod, well, with this accessory you will carry that two-in-one that you have been wanting to enjoy so much.

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DJI OM3 Combo

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The most advanced video kit for iPhone and this Osmo Mobile 3 has a three-axis stabilizer that offers tremendously fluid recordings in any type of situation. Although it may seem like a heavy gadget, nothing could be further from the truth, since it can be used with one hand. In its handle you will find its tremendously professional controls, being able to obtain shots that you could not achieve with a freehand. Although its price is not as cheap as the previous ones, we believe that it is well worth it if you want to obtain professional results.

This accessory is intended for all users who want to use the iPhone to record quality video. Despite the fact that Apple devices already have fantastic stabilization, this DJI OM3 will take your video to the next level since with it you will not only get perfect stabilization, but you will be able to make use of the different controls it provides and that will take you to be able to take really professional shots that will later delight all those who see your video.

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Lenses and lenses for the iPhone camera

iPhones have an excellent camera, however there are always different weak points that can be explored with different lenses. It's not really that you can make a change of these as in a professional camera, but placing them above the iPhone cameras You will be able to obtain interesting views such as the fisheye or an ultra wide angle even if your device does not have this vision.

Selvim lens pack

Complete kit with four lenses for the iPhone camera that includes a macro lens with x25 zoom, an ultra wide angle lens of x0.62, a fisheye lens with an angle of 235º and a x22 zoom in telescope mode. They have high-quality materials and protection against dust and other traces of dirt in order to avoid having to constantly clean them and you can take your pictures quickly.

They come with a good quality tripod that can save you the purchase of any of the ones seen above, although you can also choose to buy these lenses at a lower price. It is one of the accessories that will undoubtedly make you enjoy photography with the iPhone the most. With these lenses you will have at your fingertips the possibility of taking different types of photographs with the help of a device that fits in your pocket. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended photographic accessories.

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LED lights and spotlights

Another important point to take professional photographs is the illumination , specially in interiors . Sometimes with natural light or a lamp it can help us, but the truth is that a powerful white light can work wonders. Below we highlight a series of accessories that are highly recommended to improve the scenery of any photo.

Photography Light Box

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If you want to use your iPhone to carry out product photography, one of the accessories that will come in handy and that will help you the most so that those images come out perfect is this light box. It has a size of 40 cm x 40 cm, more than enough to be able to photograph objects and products with a standard size, something that many businesses need and that they can easily carry out with this light box and their iPhone.

It is equipped with 160 LED lights that provide excellent coverage and a uniform distribution of all the light so that when taking the picture there is no shadow that can spoil it. In addition, the LED lamps are top quality. You can also calibrate its brightness in 10 different ways, as well as use a colored background thanks to the cardboard provided by the manufacturer.

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Neewer lighting kit

Perfect lighting kit with a 48-centimeter ring-shaped spotlight together with a 155-centimeter high support. It has a soft tube with white and orange colors, with a shoe adapter for the tripod head, a bluetooth receiver. The regulation range is quite wide and despite what it may seem in photos, it is quite compact and comfortable to position. It comes with its complete carrying bag kit and power cords.

Most iPhone models have a camera capable of offering truly incredible image quality as long as it has adequate lighting. Therefore, if you are thinking of using your iPhone to record videos indoors or simply at home, this is one of the spotlights that can help you the most thanks to the light it offers. In addition, you can also combine the different color filters to adapt the temperature of the light to your needs.

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AUTOPkio Selfie

Not everything is photos with the rear camera, since the selfie camera can also give us great benefits, even for less elaborate photos. However, a point of professionalism can be added to the results by adding an LED light like this one, which is easily placed on top of the iPhone, giving better light so that our faces can be seen better.

In the same way that we previously talked about a perfect ring light to use indoors, in this case this mini ring light will be great for recording yourself at any time, with the advantage that you will have a light source more than enough for your face to be well lit at all times. This is a perfect accessory for many content creators who have to upload numerous stories to Instagram.

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KING photographic umbrella

Whether you're a connoisseur of photography or not, you may already know that a translucent photographic umbrella is practically essential when using artificial lighting. This has a height of 80 cm, can be used with just one light source and generates a soft and diffused light. Its rods with a metal stop will serve to give greater durability to the equipment.

As we have already mentioned, having an adequate light source is vital to obtain a quality image. This point is even more important when the photo or video is going to be taken with a smartphone, in this case an iPhone, since the size of the lenses makes it impossible to have professional results without a suitable light source. With photographic umbrellas you can adjust the light to your liking and thus be able to obtain spectacular results.

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So much gadget for your photos will require a large backpack in which to transport that and other accessories that you want to take with you. The calls tech backpacks They are ideal for this and below we recommend two of our favorites, which will be able to satisfy your needs in this regard.

HP Omen

Compact backpack made with highly resistant materials and a high storage capacity. Laptops up to 17.3 inches can be transported, even leaving room to carry other accessories such as those highlighted above. It has a double compartment and is internally lined with a series of padded materials that offer greater protection. It also has padded pads on the handles that make it comfortable to carry on the shoulders.

An accessory that is essential if you have many devices to complement photography with the iPhone is a quality backpack that allows you to transport all of them with sufficient comfort and the certainty that they will all be well protected inside it. The design of this is very elegant, with the predominant black color and some red details that give it that modern touch.

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Mochila Little

Fabulous anti-theft backpack with padlock that works with a password. It has double metal zippers and its dimensions allow you to store computers up to 15.6 inches. Its interior and side pockets are completely sealed to guarantee physical protection of what is being transported and against possible theft. It also stands out for having a USB charging port inside for when we need an emergency charge for our iPhone.

Without a doubt, this backpack stands out for keeping all the photographic devices and accessories that you keep inside free from any possible theft thanks to the security system it has. Perhaps if you are just starting out in photography, the loss of your photographic accessories does not mean a very large economic loss, but for many professionals, keeping them safe inside the backpack is vital.

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What is our recommendation?

Whenever we make this type of compilation from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you which are the alternatives that have caught our attention the most. It is about our subjective point of view, which in this case may or may not be in line with yours, since this will depend on the needs of each user. We start with the tripods, without a doubt the accessory that will raise the level of your creations the most will be the DJI OM3, mainly on video.

Two accessories that will also make you raise the level of both your photos and your videos are the Selvin's glasses As the Neewer light ring , as we have already mentioned, the lenses will give you the possibility of taking many types of photographs and the ring of light is really essential, since without good lighting the results will not be as good. Lastly, regarding the backpacks, we stay with the one offered by the brand Little for the security it gives the user.

All in all, we believe that with these accessories you will be able to obtain a pleasant photographic experience with your iPhone. We encourage you to leave us your recommendations or experiences with any of these accessories in the comment box.