Make your Mac make a sound when it starts up thanks to Terminal — 2022

If you are a veteran person in the Mac world, surely you remember that not so many years ago when you turned on the computer a very characteristic sound was emitted. But since 2016 Apple decided to disable this sound with the arrival of the new MacBook Pro of that year. Obviously this did not end up liking many users as it also happened, for example, with the iconic illuminated apple of the company's laptops. But luckily this sound can be easily restored via Terminal.

In Big Sur and later it appears only

Big Sur delighted the most veterans in the world of Macs since it brought back the iconic sound that Macs have always made when they start, and that many users have undoubtedly missed since it was something common every day. when turning on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or any Mac. It should be mentioned that the absence of this sound only happened on the newest Macs, specifically since 2016, all the previous ones continued and will continue to play it every time you turn on your computer. As we have mentioned, with Big Sur this option is already activated by default, however, if this is annoying for you, a few lines below we will explain how you can deactivate it.

Did Macs have sounds at startup?

There have been many different sounds that have been integrated over the generations in the different Macs. But Apple seems to have gotten tired and wanted to give users the opportunity to activate it or not, since the truth is that it can be somewhat annoying in some situations. If we get to the library and we want to turn on our Mac there, all the people would find out since it would sound yes or yes the characteristic sound.

But this is not to say that Apple has removed this feature from its Macs. What they have done is simply disable it by default, so that we can activate it if we want. We simply have to do it through 'Terminal' with a simple command. It is true that using Terminal can give us some respect since it seems like a tremendously complex tool focused on developers, but the truth is that by following a few steps you can take advantage of it.

Turn the startup sound on and off on Mac

As we say, to activate this startup sound you simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go into Terminal via Finder or Launchpad.
  2. Enter the command sudo nvram BootAudio=%01 and simply when you turn on the computer again, you should be able to hear the characteristic sound.
  3. If you like turn it off because you are tired, you simply have to enter the command sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

As you can see, it is extremely easy to go back years and restore this type of sounds that will give a lot of longing to other users. If you're new to Mac, you probably don't know what this article is talking about, so we encourage you to be brave and try these commands and restart your computer. Obviously do not do it in crowded places and where you must remain silent, since everyone will know that you have turned on a new equipment.

And you, are you going to activate this feature on your Mac? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.