Make the shopping list with Buy Me a Pie — 2022

iOS gives us great opportunities to make our lives easier, and with Buy Me a Pie creating your shopping list will be a breeze. Next we are going to make a small review for you to know it.

What is Buy Me On Foot?

It is one of thebest applications perfect for making shopping lists on iPhone. The app is very easy to use and intuitive. Let's get to know her a little more closely. The first thing to note is the simplicity of its interface . You can choose between two themes: black and white. Although really, the only thing that changes is the background tone, but the main menu will always be white. Another thing that I can highlight is that it has an option to make the font bigger . The difference is considerable. First of all, we must register. All it takes is a little registration for the app to record your data, and that's it!

How does it work?

Once you register, you can create several shopping lists . In my case I have them ordered by the supermarkets that I go to often. I also use it to make lists of things that I have to do. In this way, in a single application I have everything I need.

Creating lists and adding items

To create these lists, just click on the + icon in the upper left corner. We just have to give it a name.
The free version has a list creation limitation. By purchasing the premium version – in various subscription modalities – you will have unlimited lists, in addition to other advantages that I will mention below.

This is how an item is added to our shopping list

Once our shopping list is created, we will start adding products from where it says, above, + a new article.
When we begin to write the article that we are going to add, unless it is very particular, we are going to auto to complete just below, and a series of cards in different colors will come out. Just click on it to add it.

Once you add a particular article, it will be saved in your app's database. For example, if you need pasta for celiacs, you will see that it does not appear as such in the Buy Me A Pie database. Well, if you write it and add it once, it will be saved. The app learns from your needs.

Using it in the supermarket

Enjoy shopping with this app from your watch

When we already have our list made and we go to make the purchase, all we have to do is open the app on the iPhone, and tap on those products that we have already added to the cart. If we open the app from the Apple Watch it will be easier for us to cross out the products without having to take our mobile out of our pocket.

In the event that we inadvertently cross out an item, clicking on that item again will return to our shopping list instantly.

Another very interesting option that the app offers us is being able to share lists with other people . It is a very useful feature if you do the shopping with your partner, roommate, or your parents. If you enter the list you want to share and click on the icon of the two busts that appear at the top right, you can share your list with a user who also uses the app.

Reasons why Buy Me A Pie is essential

First. Making a shopping list on paper is usually quite tedious and boring. Not to mention the fact that we usually leave it at home and realize it too late. With the app, You will always carry it on your mobile.

Second. It is compatible with Apple Watch . You can cross out the products that you add to your shopping cart

Third. Lists can be shared with multiple users . In this way, the list is updated in real time. Perfect when you do the shopping with someone and share the areas of the supermarket to finish faster.

Fourth. It is multi platform . Any user can install the app on their smartphone. Applying this reason to the previous one, you will be able to share your shopping lists with any user and mobile platform.

Fifth. The essential is totally free . If you want to remove advertising as well as be able to add a greater number of lists, there are licenses for it. you can download it from here .

And after this review of this fantastic app, what do you think? Do you already use it or have we convinced you to start using it? We await your comment!