Make easy. So you can underline texts on your iPad — 2022

One of the most common tasks you do when working with documents is highlighting or annotating them on iPad. In the Apple ecosystem there are some native applications that offer this type of underlining tools and in this article we explain how to exploit them.

Files, an ideal app to underline your PDF

Natively you have a very complete document manager on the iPad which is Files. In addition to collecting all the documents you have on different platforms like Google Drive or iCloud Drive, you can also make edits. Among these editions, the text underlining stands out. both with the finger and with our Apple Pencil , but only for those documents that are stored in iCloud Drive or locally. This is a small limitation that you will find but if we are in the Apple ecosystem this will not be a problem since you will surely be using your own cloud.

When we enter Files and browse our documents, with a simple touch we will enter one of them. If it is compatible, in the upper right corner we will see a small pencil in a circle that will open all the editing tools when clicking on it.

The underlining tools are very varied and are the ones that appear at the bottom. Here we find, for example, a pencil, a classic highlighter, a marker, an eraser and even the ruler to avoid crooked lines. If you are a student and you are studying your notes in PDF, the highlighter will be very helpful since it acts like the classics by applying a colored line on a text to highlight it. There are many colors available and they are fully customizable. This tool can be used perfectly either with your finger or with the Apple Pencil.

Pages will allow you to underline as well as write

If, on the other hand, you don't want to edit a PDF file, but rather a document that you are going to continue writing in the future with a word processor, the best tool is Pages. When we talk about word processors we always have in mind the Microsoft suite with Word at the top. But the reality is that at Apple we also find its own office suite being Pages one of the programs that you can use to redact documents and even underline them. Obviously we all have in mind the typical underline that can be done under a word by pressing the Command + U shortcut, but you can also do an underline with a pencil or a marker as if we were working on a sheet of paper.

To enter this editing mode, you simply have to open the document to be edited and click on the three points in the upper right corner. A panel with different options will open but you are interested in 'Smart Annotation'. After clicking on this option, different editing and annotation tools will be displayed in the final part so that we can underline.

Among the tools that you can find, the marker, the pencil or the traditional highlighter. In addition to this, the colors that we can apply or the thickness of the tip is also variable. With all this you will be able to make the editions that you like the most in order to be able to understand the whole text later and study it better.

As you can see, there are many native tools that Apple offers us to customize all the documents without having to pay a euro for third-party applications. This is tremendously useful for students who usually spend several highlighters to highlight the text that interests us the most. But in this way it can be edited at any time, something that is not normally possible in a printed document.

Third Party Applications

If these native applications that Apple offers us are not enough for you, in the App Store we can find various apps from third-party developers that are extremely interesting.

Good Notes

GoodNotes 5 GoodNotes 5 Descargar QR-Code GoodNotes 5 Developer: Time Base Technology Limited

A classic app when it comes to editing documents. You can connect to cloud services and download the file you want to edit to make both annotations and underline a specific text in a very simple way with our Apple Pencil or with your finger. It is one of the best applications that you can use combining the iPad and the Apple Pencil, thanks to how easy and intuitive it is, as well as all the tools it has.

Focusing on the section of being able to underline different texts, this app has a specific tool that will allow you to adapt it according to your tastes and needs, since you will be able to vary both the thickness of the highlighter itself, as well as the color with which you want to work. In addition, as we were saying, the number of tools available to work with both new documents and others that you can import is enormous.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Descargar QR-Code Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Developer: Adobe Inc.

The Adobe suite is more than consolidated in our day to day as there are many tools that we have. In iPadOS you can use Adobe Reader to open the PDF documents you have to combine them, organize the pages in another way and of course, underline them.

Adobe is one of the companies, or brands, whatever you want to call it, that is doing its best so that users who use an iPad on a daily basis can get the most out of it. A good example of this is the number of apps that they have, such as this one, which seems like one of the simplest and most useful alternatives that you can find if you really don't want to complicate your life with somewhat more complex apps.



Notability Notability Descargar QR-Code Notability Developer: Ginger Labs

One of the most famous applications to be able to underline and work with external documents is Notability since it is a very powerful but simple tool, in fact it is the best-selling paid application in the iPad App Store. You can create notes from scratch or underline those PDFs that you import into the application itself. Undoubtedly one of the applications to take into account if you want to work with text documents on the iPad.

Notability is, without a doubt, one of the best applications you can find in this regard, above all because it has a wide variety of tools that will allow you not only to highlight documents, but also to be able to work with them in the most comfortable way and simple as possible. From annotating, to creating documents from scratch, to sketching, the number of possibilities this app offers is incredible.



Noteshelf - Notes, annotations Noteshelf - Notes, annotations Descargar QR-Code Noteshelf - Notes, annotations Developer: Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

With Noteshelf you can make annotations on your PDF files, and of course, underline on them what you want to highlight. Of course you also have the possibility to take notes by hand and you can also synchronize the content with the iPhone so that you can access it at any time. Works with the most popular cloud services.

It is a really useful application for all those users who want to be able to work both with the documents they have already created or are provided with, as well as to create them themselves from scratch, since it has all the ideal tools to be able to do it from scratch. the best possible way. In addition, its interface is very clear, simple and intuitive, providing users with the opportunity to get the most out of it from the first moment.

PDF Expert


PDF Expert: create and edit PDF PDF Expert: create and edit PDF Descargar QR-Code PDF Expert: create and edit PDF Developer: Readdle Technologies Limited

This is the must-have PDF app. It is fast, intuitive, powerful and will allow you to effortlessly complete any PDF task. Within the app you can make annotations on the documents as well as underline the content that is most relevant to you. One of the most complete applications when it comes to working with PDF files on the iPad.

Obviously, within this small compilation of applications with which you can highlight your documents, we had to include the quintessential app for editing PDF files, such as PDF Expert. Its name says it all, and its fame clearly highlights the great alternative that this application is for all those users who want to edit this type of document from their iPad.

There are many ways to edit a document on the iPad, which is an ideal device for studying. And you, what app do you use to highlight on the iPad?