Stream on your iPhone via Twitch with StreamLabs — 2022

The world of streaming is booming right now on the internet. Getting in front of the camera and talking about life, or playing a video game while commenting, has become an incentive for many people to enter the world of the internet influenced by the gods of these platforms. But to the surprise of many, you don't need a mobile to stream, but with your iPhone you can do it thanks to Streamlabs. We tell you all the details below.

What can be streamed with Streamlabs

Streamlabs is an application that offers many possibilities to broadcast live. It is not limited to a single platform, but is committed to many others. In addition, it also offers the necessary tools so that you don't miss a computer when you can stream a game.

Capture the screen of your mobile

When it comes to streaming, what works best is undoubtedly playing and commenting on it while you progress through your story. At first you might think that a computer is required to do this. This is because screen sharing has to be done so that everyone can see what you're doing while you're talking. But the truth is that on the iPhone you can also easily capture the screen.

This is one of the great options that this application offers and it is that at any time you can stream any type of game on your own iPhone. This image can be superimposed on your own face and have alerts above it. Definitely, you will not miss having your computer at hand to be able to carry out the entire streaming process since you will have all the tools and they can be used in a very comfortable way.


Stream real life

Video game streaming is not everything in the world of streaming. The fact of putting the camera in front of you and starting to talk is also a content that is attracting many people or even realize vlogs in real life. The fact of going down the middle of the street and showing the world everything you are doing, such as a trip you are taking, is something that can be done perfectly.

The Streamlabs app gives you this option which is actually much easier as it makes use of the front and rear cameras that the iPhone has. But it gives a lot of control over these since you can choose which of the lenses you want to use and it is even compatible with professional microphones that can be connected through connectors to the iPhone itself. This makes it very easy to hit a button wherever you are and start streaming.

Supported platforms

In everyone's mind, the quintessential streaming platform is Twitch. The boom that has taken place in recent months has undoubtedly caused both concepts to always be related. But the truth is that there are other interesting platforms to be able to carry out this same task that adapts to each of the personalities. We can highlight for example YouTube or Facebook itself, although there are many others like TikTok.

Streamlabs, although it syncs better with the big platforms, supports any type of streaming key. This key is what is needed to be able to stream on any platform as we will discuss below. That is why it is not closed to any current or future platform. This makes it a practically universal application.

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How to start directing

Once everything that can be done with the application is taken into account, you can start broadcasting live. Here we tell you all the steps you must follow.

Sign in and use the streaming key

As soon as you enter the application, all the login options appear. The first of them are the main transmission platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Facebook . It is important that you already have an account created on each of these platforms to log in correctly. In this way you save many intermediate steps and the process of starting the streaming is practically immediate since you do not have to enter any password.


In the event that you do not want to log in or do not want to broadcast on these platforms, you will find one last option in purple. Clicking on this will ask for the platform you want to stream on and the transmission key. You will obtain this on the streaming website, but you must always bear in mind that you should never reveal it to anyone, since with this key anyone can start directly on your behalf. That is why on many occasions it is really hidden in the creator options.

Configure the live themes

Something really important in live is the theme you're using. This is a visual claim to all intents and purposes. The only problem is that many of the live themes that are predefined by the application itself are paid. In this way you They force you to pay if you do not want to do the customization yourself. . But as we say yourself, you can customize with different images or widgets. It has a wide list of sections to place in your stream such as widgets, images, goals or objects that you can customize yourself.

Within the widgets you have options to add live chat, a list of events, a donation goal that is updated or, if you have a sponsor, the banner that they send you. To go further in the library of resources you can find banners where you can insert all these widgets to give them a more personalized touch. Among these banners we find one dedicated to subscribers, followers or donations in the form of bits or money.


Set all alerts

When someone follows your channel or subscribes, it is always interesting to have some kind of alert. this way you you can find out about this event and thank it, and it also works as an incentive so that more people can follow you for going live with their nickname on the platform. This goes hand in hand with all the widgets that you can add yourself that we have discussed above.

Many different alerts can be found in the app settings. It is important to choose the ones that you see as the most important, since if you are a streamer with a certain importance, it may be too saturated to activate all of them at the same time. The only problem is that if you want to customize the message or image that appears, you'll have to go to the desktop version on Mac or PC. The most important are the following:

  • Merchandise purchases.
  • Patreon subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions on Twitch through gifts, Prime, or normal.
  • New followers alert.
  • Bit donation on Twitch.
  • Raids o hosts en Twitch.


Adjust the parameters of your live

If we focus on a much more technical aspect, the application offers interesting tools to be able to have absolute control over your transmission. The most remarkable without a doubt is the resolution that can be used since it is compatible with streaming in 1080p, something that official applications do not do. This has as a positive part the fact of having a higher quality but also as a negative part is that you will be spending much more mobile data and the iPhone can heat up much more quickly by having to render at that quality. Also available is a quality 60 fps and the possibility to choose the bitrate suitable for what you are doing.

Beyond the quality that can be chosen, among the options there is also the possibility of choosing if you want to have image stabilization, autofocus or a preview mode. In addition, there are also exclusive Twitch options to be able to choose if you want to have the chat labels activated or choose the server where you want to do the direct.


What the app offers while you're live

Once you have all the configuration done as we have mentioned, it is time to start the direct. When the preview of all your alerts or banners is ready, it's time to click on 'GO LIVE' on the main screen. A series of instructions will be requested such as the platform on which you want to broadcast as well as the title and category of the content to be made, something that is vital. Once this is done, the connection with the servers will be made and the show can start.

While you're live you have the ability to switch between cameras, or view the chat on one side of the screen. This way you can have a conversation with all your followers making the event much more enjoyable. And if any alert escapes you, such as someone who follows you or subscribes, you also have a section dedicated exclusively to this available to carry out the entire history of actions that have been done in the chat.