Make Apple Watch prompt you to wash your hands — 2022

Washing your hands with some frequency is probably one of the healthiest habits that exist to prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses into our body. This is something that we all know, even more so after the COVID-19 pandemic, but the truth is that we do not always remember it and we may even not do it quite well. That is why the Apple Watch is prepared to help us in this task. Below we tell you everything about this functionality.

Prerequisites and compatible Apple Watch

watchOS 7

The first thing to note is that this functionality is only available in watchOS 7 and later , so it cannot be configured on watches that have a system version older than this. It is also not available on all watches, since it can only be activated on Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, SE y Series 7. The Series 3, despite being compatible with watchOS 7, do not have this functionality enabled.

How handwashing works in watchOS

Unlike other features such as measuring heart rate per minute or performing ECG, this hand washing it's not an app rather, it is something that appears on its own, although it must have been previously configured. The operation is really simple and the Apple Watch is able to detect when we are washing our hands and it does this thanks to the interpretation of the sound of water and soap, as well as the movement of our wrist when performing this action. This is why a Series 3 cannot support this feature as its sensors do not have these capabilities.

Wash your hands Apple Watch watchOS 7

Once the watch detects that we are washing our hands, a 2o second countdown , the estimated time that a correct hand washing lasts. It appears with a very visual interface in which you can see the numbers and a time sphere in the shape of soapy water and bubbles. The countdown will stop if we stop washing our hands before finishing and will encourage us to continue, although we can skip it if we want. When the process is finished, a congratulations message will appear.

Set up hand washing

Activate watchOS hand washing

To be able to activate this function and that it can be executed on the Apple Watch, you must go to Settings > Hand washing (or Handwashing) on ​​the watch itself and activate the option timer . You can also activate the vibration in this place to receive one when this function starts and in this way know better that it has been activated. Once this has been done, it should already work, although the truth is that there could be certain inaccuracies given by the methodology on which it is based, since sometimes it is difficult to detect whether or not we are washing our hands.

Also the Apple Watch will send a reminder as soon as you come from the street to remind you to wash your hands. You will also have to activate it from Settings.