Make repair appointments at Apple and more with this app — 2022

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, AirPods or any other Apple device, you may be interested to know that there is an application from the company itself that will help you solve possible problems with them. As much as the devices are taken care of, it may be inevitable to have to take it in for repair on occasion, so this app will also be tremendously useful for that.

How to download the Apple Support app

Apple Support, also known as simply Support, is an application compatible with iOS and iPadOS. Despite being an application designed by the company itself, it is not installed as standard. You can download it in the App Store by searching for it by name or by clicking on the link that we leave you below. It is available in all those countries where there is official technical support from the company.

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It is fully optimized for devices, how could it be otherwise being from Apple itself. It should be noted that it is also completely free and that it does not offer any type of in-app purchases, since its utilities are others that we will see below.

What the Support app offers

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You could say that this app is the perfect alternative to Apple website as far as the search for solutions is concerned, since it is an adapted version of what we would find from the browser. It is true that on the iPhone and iPad we can continue visiting this website from Safari, but in the end the experience is not the same as the one offered by this app. It is divided into three tabs, which we will analyze below.

Firstly, if you go to the upper right in the Discover or Obtain technical support tab, you will find the data related to your Apple ID and the technical support actions that you have carried out, regardless of whether these were managed or not from this app.

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    Recent History:here you can see a history with all the occasions in which you have had to access Apple support. By clicking on each section you can obtain more extensive information. Check coverage:This is a very useful option to check the repair coverage of your devices, being able to fully read the conditions of the guarantee and the period in which it has been or will be in force. Change location:configuration relative to the country in which you are located, since depending on where you are you may or may not be able to access Apple repair services. Post comments:This part is focused on users submitting reviews of the Support app itself and indicating suggestions or reporting a bug. It is not dedicated to sending other types of incidents. Sign off:if you click here you can log out with your current Apple ID and log in with any other.


In this interface, which is the main one of the application, you will be able to find Apple content personalized to us. For example, you can get help signing up for Apple Care+, find Apple's press releases when there's news, as well as interesting guides and user manuals for all devices. It also stands out for offering information about the purchases and subscriptions you have recently made.

Get support

This is the section from which you can make appointments with the technical service, although the truth is that not every time your computer will require a physical repair. For any problem with one of your devices, you should follow these steps:

  • Click on the device with which you have problems.
  • Choose the topic you want to get support for. These include physical repairs, subscription and purchase issues, software questions, and other topics that you can search for from the appropriate box at the top of the screen.
  • Once you have chosen your problem you will be presented with different support options:
    • Talk on the phone with an Apple assistant to help you solve the problem, for which you can call yourself or arrange a call at a time that works best for you.
    • Make an appointment with technical support, either at an Apple Store or an SAT (Authorized Technical Service).
    • Recommended articles to solve your problem.

In the event that you have made an appointment with the technical service, a notification will appear in the app reminding you of said event. You can also add the appointment to the calendar easily from this app, so that it can serve as a reminder. If at any time you want cancel or reschedule an appointment , you can also do it from that section.


The purpose of this tab can be extremely important, since it will be the search box that includes the one that allows you to find information of your interest. For example, how to manage contacts on your devices, how to configure Face ID or any other query that comes to mind.

Is it worth having this app?

Unless you are just getting started in the Apple world and you need a lot of information, this application is not usually used on a day-to-day basis. In fact, it is possible that you will be for months and even years without needing it because you do not need support on your devices. However, we recommend keeping it stored in the iPhone or iPad app drawer along with other utilities that you don't use on a daily basis.

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As you may have already verified, it is tremendously useful in many cases and despite the fact that it takes almost no time to download it, it is much more comfortable to have it at your fingertips if at any time you need it. In any case, we recommend that you at least remember its existence for when you need it.