Make amazing home videos with music thanks to Clips — 2022

If you want to exploit your creative side, you can make home videos with your iPhone and put background music on them in a really simple way. With the Apple editor it is true that it cannot be done natively, but we can use Clips. This is an application from the company itself that will allow us to make a good edition of our videos.

Export the videos to edit in Clips

In order to add music to a video, we first have to download the Clips application from the App Store, which is completely free. Once we open it from scratch, we will be asked to import the material we want to edit in a new project. Here are very varied options to adapt to any situation:

    scenes: thanks to artificial intelligence we will be able to record different videos as if we had a chroma key behind us. We can have the sea, a metropolis and even the millennium falcon in the background. With this we can create our new very funny and personalized clips. Camera: record a new video with the camera as it is, without any type of filter or scene. Library:If you want to choose a video that you have previously recorded, this is the option you are looking for. You'll have access to all the folders you've created in the Photos app. Posters:Download from a large selection of different content to customize all the videos you're making.

Obviously, as if it were a professional editing program, we can add different video fragments to merge them later. As we have said before, we can take them from the library but if we opt for the rest of the options, they will always be applied by pressing and holding the central red recording button. When we release this button, the recording will stop and it will be merged with the rest of the recordings that we have.

Add music to your creation

Once we have our project finished with all the clips we want, we can go to the upper right corner where we have an eighth note. If we click on it we can enter the music menu. Within this menu we have the possibility of choosing between the application's own catalog where there are endless songs that may or may not suit your tastes. But if they don't convince you, you can always go to the local music library where the music that we have bought in iTunes or we have transferred from our computer is included. Here we miss that it synchronizes with Apple Music to have a much broader and not so limited catalog.

Finish editing the video

Once the clips are already recorded and we have also included the background music, we can further customize the project. Next to the red recording button we have a colored star that will give us access to the different filters that we can apply . Among the options that we find, adding different animojis where we show our personalities and even filters stands out. It should be noted that the filters included are very different from those we have in the native Photos application.

But here there are no editing options since we can also include text, classic emojis from any social network and even Stickers. With all these tools we can have a very interesting result.

This application started with few tools, but Apple has been updating Clips by providing it with new editing options. We quite like this since the operation of this application on the iPhone and even on the iPad is quite good as it is part of the ecosystem.