Magic Keyboard of the iPad Pro 2021, compatible or not with the 2020? — 2022

A few days ago the new iPad Pro 2021 was presented. It has features that undoubtedly attract all users such as a higher quality screen, but not everything is told in a presentation. As the days go by, new data is revealed that may not end up being really positive, such as the compatibility of accessories. We tell you all the details that have been known below.

The iPad Pro will not be compatible with the old Magic Keyboard

If you already have a previous generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you may also have a Magic Keyboard. Apple's scissor keyboard for iPads has certainly caused a stir. TheMagic Keyboard para iPad con Trackpadhas made many people productive despite its high price. But the bad news comes when this accessory can not be used on the new generation iPad.

In a recent report that has been delivered to Apple stores on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it has been verified that it is 0.5 mm thicker than the previous generation. This naturally makes the previous generation Magic Keyboard unusable as it doesn't fit properly. And although it may seem that this increase is something totally insignificant, the truth is that it can end up causing the iPad Pro not to close correctly when it has the keyboard of the previous generation hooked.

magic keyboard blanco

The solution presented here is to get a new Magic Keyboard. It should be remembered that in the same presentation the corresponding accessories for the new generation of iPad were presented, and specifically it was announced that the Magic Keyboard was going on sale in white. The truth is that at the moment it can be said that the changes between generations are non-existent since it would have the same characteristics except that it adapts perfectly to the body of the device with this increase in thickness. Although there are different alternatives to MagicKeyboard that can circumvent this limitation a priori.

Although it should be noted that this 'problem' is only present in the larger model. In the reports, no changes have been seen in the proportion of the 11-inch model, which could initially use the keyboard of the previous generation without any problem, something that is certainly appreciated.

The critics have not waited

As is logical, users have stated that this is undoubtedly an Apple strategy to have to spend several hundred euros on a new Magic Keyboard. But the truth is that they may have been seen to increase this thickness due to the additions that have had to be made inside. The fact of having a new screen as well as new hardware that is nothing like the previous generation may have caused this increase in thickness. On the other hand, the fact that the 11-inch model is still compatible leaves this accusation in the air, since if they had wanted to get more money, the strategy would have been applied to both models.

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This is something that we can also be used to in the case of iPhones. Generation after generation there are changes that force having to buy new covers. We are facing something quite similar and that is not why it is a strategy to be able to earn much more money. The design for good and for me must be modified and these are the consequences that it can have.