Madonna invades the Apple Store for a new Today at Apple session — 2022

If you go to an Apple Store these days you will be able to see how practically all the display devices appear with Madonna as the protagonist of their screensavers. The queen of pop does not appear by chance on iPhones, iPads and even Macs in the Apple Store, but it is related to a new session of Today at Apple. Below we tell you all the details.

In the new session of Today at Apple Music Lab you will be able to 'cut apart' the new Madonna song

In all the Apple Stores in the world, a series of workshops called Today at Apple , which can be booked from the app from the iOS Apple Store. These workshops have different themes and levels , from teaching a basic user how to use an iPhone to interesting excursions in which to capture and edit the best photography.

Apple Store Upper East Side

One of the new sessions is called Music Lab: Remix Madonna . In this session, the American singer is the protagonist because she uses her song Crave to teach her how to use GarageBand on the iPhone. As indicated by its ownApple, in this session not only you will deconstruct the song but you can also discover what inspired it and you will create your own version.

The fact of uniting an artist as renowned as Madonna with a session like the ones on Today at Apple is a success and the claim that these sessions can have around the world can be very great.

Angela Ahrendts, whowill abandonApple, a few months ago, was one of the forerunners of this type of session that is now being carried out successfully in all the Stores in the world. Us we recommend strongly inform yourself about the sessions available in the nearest Apple Store and participate in one of them to get the most out of your teams.

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