Macs with chips made by Apple are getting closer — 2022

Apple has been working for months with the idea of ​​being the ones to develop the ARM chips for their Macs with the same success that they have with the iPhone and their latest A12 Bionic chips and company. One of the latest advances of the company in this field comes from the hand of a former engineer precisely from ARM Holdings. Below we tell you more details.

When will we see 'made in Apple' chips in Macs?

A common practice in large companies is to hire engineers from the competition or from related companies or suppliers. This is also the case with Apple and it is that in its latest move it has taken over the services of Mike Filippo , who after 10 years at ARM Holdings has joined the company led by Tim Cook.

Chip ARM Apple

This information has been discovered thanks to Filippo's own Linkedin profile. In this professional social network, the already Apple engineer details information about his employment with the apple, which started in May after dissociating itself from ARM. Precisely from his former company they wanted to dedicate a few words of recognition and appreciation in statements to Bloomberg :

Mike was a long time valued member of the ARM community […] We appreciate all of your efforts and wish you the best in your next endeavor.

This hiring by those from Cupertino is quite a declaration of intent in his race to design his own microprocessors with ARM architecture for Macs. We do not know exactly what the company's progress is in this area and therefore when these Mac launches with their own chips could take place, although everything indicates that it will still take 1 or 2 years minimum in seeing it

It is worth noting the importance of hiring Filippo after we learned in April of the gerard williams ii march, one of the most outstanding engineers of the company and who has been key in the development of the chips that mount the iPhone since the 5s model. Although this was not the only outstanding march of an Apple engineer, and it is that Reuben Knight also did the same recently.

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