MacBook sales are relaunched in 2020 — 2022

The computer sector is not having its best moment with sales that have not experienced any growth in recent quarters. This is something that has ended up changing in the year 2020 by suffering an overall growth of 11% , and here Apple has had a lot to do as the latest data indicates, in part thanks to teams like theMacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1.

The MacBook resumes its growth in 2020

MacBooks have suffered a fairly significant stagnation in recent years as a result of iPad sales. 2020 has finally changed this as the Mac industry has grown again, specifically 11% over all fiscal quarters. With 22.5 million devices sold Apple ranks fourth with a market share of 7.6%. This is in contrast to just over 19 million units that were shipped last year, 2019, with a 7.2% market share.

mac sales 2020

This growth can undoubtedly respond to the pandemic and the need for users to have a powerful team with which to work from home. Although the iPad has also played a leading role in these teleworking sessions, the computer has also taken part of the cake. Obviously the arrival of new equipment, especially at the end of the year with a new processor, has also caused many users to renew their old computer with an Intel processor.

Apple fails to climb the brand ranking

From Canalys PC Analysis they have published a table with the data collected in January 2021. In this you can see the ranking of all brands and sales in general. To give us an idea, Apple in 2019 was in fourth place and in 2020 it has also remained in fourth place without being able to beat the rest of the brands. Likewise, the growth has been quite good, as we have previously commented on the 16.6%. Above Apple, other competing brands can be found, such as Lenovo, which leads the ranking with a market share of 24.5%, HP in second place with a share of 22.8% and Dell in third place with a share of 16.9%. .

Mac sales 2020 ranking

Obviously Apple is far from surpassing them as seen in the market shares since there are more or less 10 points of difference with Dell. This is something totally expected by everyone since Apple laptops are intended for a specific audience, mostly professional. The prices that Apple has in its catalog are not very attractive for the basic user who can opt for another cheaper brand or simply for a tablet.

In 2021 the market is expected to be much more competitive as the industry is moving to the new needs that are emerging among users. We will have to analyze whether Apple continues to maintain this fourth place or is finally ahead of Acer, which has greater growth in 2020 and may end up hunting the Big Apple company in 2021.