MacBook Air repairability has improved according to iFixit — 2022

When a new Apple product hits the market a few days later, its exploded view is published to show us the entrails of these. Today it was the turn of the MacBook Air to go through the hands of iFixit what has shown us all the internal features of Apple's new Mac which in design is very similar to the MacBook Pro or the 12″ MacBook that is still available in the Apple Store Online for purchase.

Apple continues to improve the repairability of its equipment

The first thing they checked is butterfly keyboard is second generation , identical to that of the MacBook Pro, although it will still have sound problems, in addition to food and dirt debris that will make our typing experience quite bad.

Once the back cover of the Mac is removed, it can be seen how the internal design of the MacBook Air is spectacular, very similar to that of the MacBook Pro. Removing the motherboard is really simple since you only have to unscrew 6 screws and disconnect six connectors.

Once we are on the motherboard, it can be seen that the different components are quite well differentiated. The processor in question is Intel SERKQ Core i5-8210Y, accompanied by a Apple T2 coprocessor that will allow us to invoke Siri through the Hey Siri command and store our fingerprint information in a secure way.

The ports have surprised because they are tremendously easy to replace, located next to the only fan that this equipment has which we hope is not from any kind of heating problem, although one of the processors gives off a little more heat than normal. Although it will not be possiblechange mac fancomfortably when fully engaged.

Many of the components of this new MacBook Air they are not anchored to the body through screws, but Apple has opted for adhesives that we can pull to remove the component in question. The battery of this new MacBook Air stands out for this very reason, it is anchored through an adhesive which is pulled to lift the battery and remove it. This gives us the possibility to replace it much easier in case we have any problem with it even if it is asecond hand mac.

Despite these notable improvements when it comes to extracting components the note that iFixit gives to this equipment in repairability is 3/10 Since the keyboard still has quite a few parts that are soldered, you can't expand the internal storage or make a keyboard change that requires a complete disassembly.