More rumors of the iPhone 8, it will have a faster charger! — 2022

Although we have only seen a few prototypes and photos of the possible iPhone 8, we know that Apple is preparing some important surprise on the subject of the battery of this device.

The iPhone 8 could incorporate a new faster cable with a new connector

If earlier this year, the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) assured that the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 would have a screen under OLED technology, Kuo also assured that this iPhone would include a new Lightning connector that will include a USB-C port at its other end. , a new cable that will allow a greater number of data transfers and a faster charging period than current chargers.

On the other hand, Blayne Curtis, an analyst at Barclays, said in a research note that the so-called iPhone 8 will come with a 10W power adapter capable of supporting current USB-C type connectors along with an integrated USB-C Power Delivery chip.

MacBook USB-C port

Curtis says that these USB-C Power Delivery chips built into the iPhone along with the new 10W power adapter will be supplied by Cypress Semiconductor. According to this analyst, this charger will have the same CYPD2104 chip used in the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro .

An excerpt from the Barclays publication gives us a little more clarity about the news that Apple could introduce in this new iPhone:

We believe that in the iPhone 8, Apple will include the USB-C Power Delivery chip made by the company Cypress Semiconductor . Under 10W power, this new connector will use a better integrated solution than previous models. As in the new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the so-called iPhone 8 could charge faster thanks to this new Lightning-USB-C cable and a power of up to 10W . Recall that the current Apple MacBooks have a 29W USB-C power adapter from Apple.

Fast charging could accompany wireless charging

Apple will almost certainly include this new Lightning to USB-C cable in the box of upcoming Apple phones. Although not yet confirmed, l Cupertino could choose to include a USB-C to regular USB (USB-A) adapter just as many manufacturers in the market already do, such as Samsung itself.

iPhone 8 concept with new charger by Benjamin Geskin for iDrop News

As of today, Apple only offers a few power adapters whose power only reaches the 5W for iPhones. In contrast, those from Cupertino opt for a 12W power adapter for their iPads, however all these cables continue to use connectors with USB ports.

Taking into account that The battery of the iPhone 8 could reach up to 2,700 mAh , it seems normal to us that Apple wants to include a faster charge in this device. A device that could incorporate for the first time the famous and rumored wireless charging at its rear.