Beyond Glovo: iPhone apps to order food at home — 2022

We live in a time when home orders of any kind are a trend and we even have the possibility of buying food, whether it is for instant consumption or not. We show you in this article which are the apps for iPhone that allow you to buy food so that it arrives at your house without the need for you to go out.

What you should know about this type of apps

Before commenting on the most outstanding applications and explaining what their functions are, we believe it is convenient to explain some aspects that we could include as frequently asked questions that can arise with these applications. We have divided them into three and you can find them resolved in the following sections.

Your location is key

It should be noted first that, unfortunately, it will depend on where you are so that these applications may or may not be useful. Not all restaurants have take away and those that have it are limited to a certain radius between which if your house is not found, they will not be able to send you anything. Something similar happens with supermarkets. In any case, you can consult it within the application itself, either by giving it permission to access the location of your iPhone or by entering the address manually if you don't want to grant that permission.

It most recommended is that you select the Allow option while using the app, so that the location will only be tracked when you access the app. Beyond a question of privacy, the truth is that this option is interesting for saving battery on the device since those apps are not continuously tracking where you are. If you want to change the settings in this regard, you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location and click on the app in question to see the permissions.

location privacy iphone

Do you accept Apple Pay as a payment method?

Unfortunately the most do not accept this payment method . In any case, they have secure payment methods such as PayPal or card, having verified security systems that prevent the tracking of your data so that they do not end up in the possession of the wrong person. What we can find in some is the possibility of requesting payment in cash, which can be in cash (bills and coins) or by card, but when the delivery person arrives and via dataphone. In these cases, you can pay with Apple Pay as long as the device that the aforementioned delivery person brings has NFC (most do).

change apple pay card

Some also allow you to make the purchase

Many supermarkets (practically all) have an official app with utilities such as creating shopping lists, seeing prices, storing discount coupons and even adding a credit or debit card and paying through it, but most of the actions are to make in- Situ on the premises and not from home.

However, among the companies that are encouraged to allow purchases from apps instead of via the web, some applications already allow the purchase of some products from these supermarkets through them. Glovo , one of those that we will see to order food at home, is one of those that offer this tool. But also Ulabox, Deliberry The Lola Market add these functions.

Apps to order food from restaurants

We already started talking about applications themselves. Those that we highlight below are the main ones in Spain and that group numerous restaurants in which to place orders, whether they are from franchises or local restaurants. Of course, it will always depend on the territory in which you find yourself to be able to find a greater offer of places in which to place an order.


This service began in 2013 and had its first activity in the English capital of London. Firstly, it had a web portal from which it was possible to order from bars and restaurants. Now they continue to maintain this portal with identical functionalities, but the truth is that it has been their own app that has won the game. It is available on Android and, of course, in the iOS and iPadOS App Store.

In Deliveroo it is possible to find hundreds of restaurants throughout Spain. From small traditional food restaurants, to the highest cuisine with this service enabled. And among the most prominent food chains we find restaurants like KFC, Goiko Grill or Taco Bell.


Deliveroo: Food delivery Deliveroo: Food delivery Descargar QR-Code Deliveroo: Food delivery Developer: Deliveroo


Although as you will see it is not the only one in existence, the truth is that the popularity of this application in our country has increased considerably in recent years. In fact, it is a Spanish company, founded in 2014 in the Catalan city of Barcelona and since then it has been spreading to other territories of the peninsula and even to Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic and Canary Islands.

Like Deliveroo and the rest of the apps that you will see in these sections, it has a multitude of restaurants associated with it and with the possibility of even ordering supermarket items and even medicines without prescriptions. They often offer discounts and special offers to customers, so it can be the best alternative to ordering food delivery.


Glovo-Ask for what you want Glovo-Ask for what you want Descargar QR-Code Glovo-Ask for what you want Developer: Glovoapp 23 SL

Just Eat

Although its name may vary depending on the territory, this is an app known originally and in Spain by that name. It is also of London origin and is one of the oldest, since its service of acting as an intermediary between clients and restaurants dates back to 2001. In 2011 it acquired The Red Fridge , an application of identical features of Spanish origin, which migrated its entire database to Just Eat.

Little mystery has the functionalities of this application having seen the previous ones. It offers a very comfortable interface to navigate, with the possibility of intuitively choosing each element of the order and even modifying ingredients in those cases where it is possible. The big restaurant chains are present, but also great unknown gems that are closer than you think.

Just Eat

Just Eat EN Food Delivery Just Eat EN Food Delivery Descargar QR-Code Just Eat EN Food Delivery Developer:

Lots of food

This is one of the great unknowns in the sector, although not the worst. It is becoming increasingly popular in our country, something to which restaurants have contributed in a very positive way. Large franchises do not appear, but there are restaurants in your area that you probably did not know and offer excellent meals at home.

The application allows you to filter your searches in a really interesting way, depending on what you are looking for: hamburgers, pizzas... Then in each restaurant there are new filters where you can find the items on the menu, as well as the drink, with total comfort. The follow-up of the order will depend on the end of the restaurant, but it does not usually cause problems and in general they have fast delivery times.

lots of food

Muchacomida - FREE food delivery Muchacomida - FREE food delivery Descargar QR-Code Muchacomida - FREE food delivery Developer: NWC1997 Group SL

Uber Eats

This company, in addition to being one of the best known in the private taxi sector, also has this variant of food delivery at home. They began in 2014 in the city of San Francisco and since then they have continued to extend their operation to many territories, including Spain. In our country it is associated with large restaurant chains, in addition to those locals who wish to join.

By having your own distributors, you can track the order at all times, as well as take advantage of discounts every day in dozens of restaurants. Of course, at the moment it is only available in Madrid and its surroundings, as well as in Barcelona and Zaragoza. However, its developers affirm that they will soon be able to reach other cities.

uber eats

Uber Eats: Food Delivery Uber Eats: Food Delivery Descargar QR-Code Uber Eats: Food Delivery Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.

Restaurants with their own applications

Below is a series of applications for restaurant franchises. Some of them accept requests from the application itself, being an alternative to those shown in the previous section. Others do not allow you to place orders as such, although in return they offer interesting possibilities in order to obtain discounts, so they can also be highly recommended apps if you know how to complement each other well.

Burger King

The Whopper's home is Burger King. The famous sandwich of this American hamburger chain is among a wide catalog in which not only the menus stand out, but also the menu with fries, chicken wings or milkshakes. Probably little description of what Burger King is is needed, since it is well known, but perhaps you did not know that its application offers the possibility of ordering at home. More and more places have deliveries, so if you have one of these stores nearby, you may not have to go there in person to be able to consume food from their restaurant.

The application also has some discount coupons that, unfortunately, cannot be used for home orders. However, they will be able to serve you if you physically go to the store or if you place an order through their window system by car, finding packs of products at a really tempting price compared to their original price.

app burger king

Burger King Spain Burger King Spain Descargar QR-Code Burger King Spain Developer: BURGER KING Spain S.L.U.

Domino’s Pizza

More than 60 years after its founding, Domino's is still one of the leading restaurant chains in offering pizzas, although today they offer many other complements to these that can be perfect for a full lunch or dinner with friends or even alone. Each location has a telephone available to the public through which to place orders through a call, but if you find it more comfortable you can download their app completely free of charge.

In the application you will not only find all the information related to the types of pizza, ingredients and other accessories, but you will also be able to place an order quickly. At all times you will be able to see how your order is and you will even have the possibility of paying cash on delivery when it arrives, so it will not be strictly necessary for you to enter your payment details.

Dominos app

Domino Domino Descargar QR-Code Domino's Pizza Developer: Domino's Pizza Spain


If you are a fan of fried chicken, you will know very well this Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). If not, you should know that it is a popular restaurant chain that has been offering chicken of this style for almost a century in many formats. Burgers, snacks like chicken nuggets or strips, buckets full of wings or thighs and a lot of other dishes. They have a multitude of restaurants throughout Spain, although if you cannot go to one you can order through some of the apps mentioned in the previous section of this article.

What the KFC app offers, in addition to all the information about your letter, are discounts and offers. These often vary and although it is true that many of them are designed to go to an establishment in person, you can also find special discounts from time to time to order through applications. Of course, you must have previously registered to be able to know all the offers.


KFC Spain - Offers and Coupons KFC Spain - Offers and Coupons Descargar QR-Code KFC Spain - Offers and Coupons Developer: KFC Restaurants Spain

Foster’s Hollywood

Burgers, grilled ribs or the famous Bacon & Cheese Fries are some of the best known dishes of this chain of restaurants owned by Grupo VIPS. In the purest American style, the menu at this restaurant is very extensive, both when you go in person to one of its hundreds of stores and when you order at home. Of course, in most places one of the food ordering applications will be required to place the order, since its iOS app does not allow ordering.

However, this app is tremendously interesting if you want to join the Foster's Hollywood membership club, which will give you a series of benefits with each meal you consume in this franchise. You will be able to accumulate points to obtain future discounts, as well as have special offers on certain dates, including your birthday.

app foster hollywood

Foster Foster Descargar QR-Code Foster's Hollywood Developer: Zena Group of Restaurants S.A.


It competes with Burger King as far as a hamburger chain is concerned. The Big Mac, the famous chicken nuggets or the funniest children's menus are at McDonalds. You can find all kinds of burgers and accessories, including salads. There are those who say that it is absurd to go to a place like this to eat a salad, but to taste the colors. If you have a restaurant nearby, you will be very interested in learning about its application.

Depending on the area, you can place an order online through its app or, failing that, through Glovo and other apps. In any case, your application will offer discounts to buy in the store with which to have lunch or dinner cheaper than with the normal menu. They also have exclusive daily offers that are only valid for that moment.

app mcdonalds

McDonald McDonald Descargar QR-Code McDonald's Developer: McDonald's Global Markets LLC

Papa John’s

Another of the most popular pizzeria franchises that has been growing in our country in recent years. Papa John's offers a wide catalog of pizzas for the most daring, with world-renowned specialties such as those that contain spicy. If you have a store nearby, you have nothing to lose by visiting it, but if you don't feel like moving from home you can download its application from the App Store completely free of charge.

Its app is tremendously useful for ordering from home online, either asking for it to be sent to your home or with local pick-up. Its interface is intuitive and allows you to save orders for future ones, track them or enjoy secure payments.

App Papa John

Papa John Papa John Descargar QR-Code Papa John's Pizza Spain Developer: Drake Food Services


We don't know exactly what is the secret of the masses that this famous chain of pizzerias claims to have, but we can say that its application is one of the best ways to place orders. The popular Spanish franchise has many stores throughout our country, also offering home orders by phone call to the establishment itself. However, your app earns money for everything it offers, both in terms of information and in terms of discounts and offers that can be selected and accumulated. In addition to not only offering pizzas, but also other snacks and food variants.

Once you place your order you will be able to check its status to find out how long it will take to arrive at your home. In any case, you can be informed by sms or via email of the status of this so you don't have to be aware of the app. In addition, if you prefer, you can also use its application on the iPad in case it is more comfortable for you to place the order on a screen larger than that of the iPhone.

Telepizza App

Telepizza - Food delivery Telepizza - Food delivery Descargar QR-Code Telepizza - Food delivery Developer: Tele Pizza S.A.U.