Most outstanding airplane simulators on iPhone and iPad — 2022

Who else and who least has ever dreamed of being at the controls of an airplane, be it a commercial or war plane, large or small, with or without passengers. We can't help you get it, but we can at least help you find the best simulators of planes in the iOS and iPadOS App Store. It's not the same, but it will give you many hours of fun and you can even play if you're afraid of heights.

Airplane games for iPhone and iPad

There are a large number of simulators and they are becoming better developed and with more game options. There are those who prefer more realistic simulators, with commercial planes, to simply enjoy the pleasure of flying and seeing the whole world from the sky. But there are also those who want to live the experience of flying a combat aircraft, to learn first-hand about the risks and problems that war pilots face.

real simulators

For those who prefer to live the experience of a commercial flight, face a good takeoff and landing and control all the commands of the plane when you are flying, there are many options with which you can have a very real feeling and feel like a real pilot.

Airline Commander, one of the best achieved simulators

If there is an airplane game par excellence and one that is very popular on the App Store, it is this Airline Commander. In this game you will find the closest thing to reality in terms of the career of an airplane pilot, since you will have to gradually obtain different licenses that allow you to face all kinds of emergencies and fly all kinds of planes. The good simulation of the controls that this game has is especially noteworthy.

You will be able to conquer fantastic routes around the world, fly with real traffic and even build your own fleet, becoming the best airline in the world and managing a huge number of companies. You will also have the possibility to earn money with contracts, completing takeoffs and landings and even performing maneuvers on the ground that will be accompanied by exciting challenges.

Airline Commander: Flight 3D Airline Commander: Flight 3D Descargar QR-Code Airline Commander: Flight 3D Developer: RORTOS SRL

RFS – Real Flight Simulator, the most advanced and precise

From the same creators of the previous title, we find this game in which you will really feel more than ever putting yourself at the controls of the best planes in the world. It is a complete simulator in which you must control each and every one of the situations that are present during takeoffs, flights and landings. One of the main features of this game is being able to join flights in real time and chat with other people and even access an online multiplayer mode.

With this game you will be able to live and explore scenarios and airports in high resolution thanks to satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures and air traffic that will give you an immersive and truly fantastic gaming experience. Personalization is another of the highlights of this title and that is that you will have access to the enormous number of designs that other players have wanted to share so that all users of this game can enjoy them.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator RFS - Real Flight Simulator Descargar QR-Code RFS - Real Flight Simulator Developer: RORTOS SRL

Airplane – Fly around the world

Plane - fly around the world

It's time to fasten your seatbelts, the pilot has been lit and takeoff is about to begin. With this game things are going to get interesting, it is a flight simulator that will give you the opportunity to fly your own plane to fly all over the world, without a doubt you will have a really good time while you fly your plane from airport to airport transporting cargo or actual passengers.

It has a wide variety of aircraft, up to 65 different types ranging from passenger, cargo or military aircraft. You will also have the opportunity to choose 6 different flight environments, that is, day, sunset, night, windy, stormy or even foggy, all of this on three available maps of three reference cities such as London, New York and San Francisco .

Airplane - Fly around the world Airplane - Fly around the world Descargar QR-Code Airplane - Fly around the world Developer: Tri One Games

Simple but free: Flight Sim 2020

Flight Sim

Perhaps it is not the most complete of this compilation, but it offers very interesting and realistic flight experiences. You will be able to control the plane through all the controls, flying over all kinds of territories, some of them really complex and that will put your skills to the test. It also has special missions that make it a safe entertainment value on your iPhone and iPad.

This game comes from the creators of Train Sim, the number one train simulation game. You will also find realistically modeled airplanes with interior cabins, mobile components, everything essential for the user to be able to enjoy an entertaining, entertaining and, of course, funniest gaming experience possible.

Flight Sim 2021 Flight Sim 2021 Descargar QR-Code Flight Sim 2021 Developer: 1788918 Alberta Ltd

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D!

Flight Pilot

In this case, we are once again talking about a very realistic flight simulator, so much so that it has three-dimensional graphics, which will provide extra realism when you use your iPhone or iPad to have a great time. This game has really difficult and demanding missions that will make you put all your senses into it.

In addition, the scenarios in which this title develops are a real beauty. It has 20 completely realistic planes, from small planes, passenger planes, military planes or fighter jets, a true wonder in terms of variety of planes, with which you can discover a lot of surprises. Finally, we must also highlight the available scenarios, where you can find emergencies, rescue missions, forced landings, fires and even races.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D! Flight Pilot Simulator 3D! Descargar QR-Code Flight Pilot Simulator 3D! Developer: Fun Games For Free

battlefield simulators

For those who prefer a simulation with more adventures and complications, there is also a wide variety of games with which you can feel like a real fighter pilot. You will have to face your enemies, fly avoiding shots and watch your shots so as not to run out of ammunition.

Ace Force, show your combat skills in flight

Can you imagine the adrenaline rush fighter pilots must feel? Well, with this fun game you can get closer to that experience piloting all kinds of fighters. An incredible aerial combat shooter with enviable 3D graphics and immersive sound effects that will take you deeper into the game. Surely when you try it you won't want to detach yourself from the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

The game is set in the greatest air war that has ever occurred in the skies, you will have to lead your entire team of your air force so that, together, you will be able to destroy your enemies in the sky. It has more than 100 completely realistic modern aircraft, a huge collection of aircraft plans to improve your war machines to the maximum, you will also have an improvement system in the aircraft to be able to increase the armor, improve the engine, the radar, in definitively, a game with which, without any doubt, you will not get bored.

Ace Force: Joint Combat Ace Force: Joint Combat Descargar QR-Code Ace Force: Joint Combat Developer: OneWorld LLC

Helicopter Sim Pro, for other types of flights

You'll probably think that piloting a plane is easier than a helicopter, but this game will show you that it's not an easy task at all. As you may have already guessed, this game revolves around the helicopter piloting. Of course, it has a very addictive theme in which you must be part of a war squad and take over the controls of the combat helicopter.

As we were saying, in this game you will become part of the HELLFIRE squad, with which you will attack the deadly threats that exist in the modern world. To do this you will have to demonstrate your piloting skills at the controls of a multipurpose helicopter, with which you will have to destroy the enemy defenses and make the raiders land on enemy bases.

Helicopter Sim Pro Helicopter Sim Pro Descargar QR-Code Helicopter Sim Pro Developer: RORTOS SRL

Airport City, to become an airport tycoon

Granted, this game isn't exactly about airplanes, but you can't deny that there's nothing more related to them than airports. In this game you can create an airport completely to your liking, having to build each part of it. The challenge will be to increase its size more and more, as well as to get large fleets of planes that can take your passengers wherever they want.

You will have to equip the aircraft fleet with varied units, that is, from private jets to intercontinental planes, you have the responsibility of giving your passengers the best flight options to make your airport a world reference. You can even join other friends to form an alliance and make this game much more entertaining.

Airport City Airport City Descargar QR-Code Airport City Developer: Game Insight

THE MOST: Extreme Landings Pro

First of all, it is worth noting the high price of this game, which amounts to €39.99. However, we believe that it is well worth it for being the most outstanding in this subject. Unlike those shown above, in this game you will continuously face the most complicated emergencies on board in which you must act as quickly and efficiently as you can, since the lives of hundreds of passengers are at stake. The commands and controls of this game stand out for being very realistic and even complex at first, but don't worry, since you will gradually learn to handle them.

Adrenaline is one of the highlights of this title, since you'll have to solve emergencies and breakdowns that are also based on real accidents. It has up to 36 different missions, with 216 challenges, among which 6 of them are a global competition that you'll have to carry out together with millions of players who are all over the world

Extreme Landings Pro Extreme Landings Pro Descargar QR-Code Extreme Landings Pro Developer: RORTOS SRL

Alliance: Air War

Alliance Air Max

Alliance Air War is the most intense, photorealistic and comprehensive aerial combat simulator that you can find on the App Store and that has ever been developed for iPhone or iPad. In this game you will fly through the skies as you battle your plane through long and beautiful volumetric clouds rendered in 3D, all at speeds that will put the health of your neck into question.

You can also play online against other users or, if you prefer, do it against hordes of enemy fighters and ships with machine guns, rockets, Vulcan cannons and guided missiles, as you can see, you will have to use all your skills to emerge victorious from this frantic game.

Alliance: Air War Alliance: Air War Descargar QR-Code Alliance: Air War Developer: Art of the State LLC

AirFighters Combat Flight Sim

It is perhaps one of the most realistic flight simulators on the App Store. With it you can strategically plan your missions and fight air, land or sea targets. In addition, it has more than 500 real airports in which you can land with the weather conditions that exist at that moment in the airport.

It has a mode in which you can carry out missions already created by players from all over the world, or if you prefer, you can create your own mission so that others have to carry it out. To achieve this realism, the application has very good graphics with which you will think that you are really piloting, in addition to having many planes to choose the one you like best or that suits you best for your mission.

What do you think of these airplane games for iPhone and iPad? Would you recommend any other? You can tell us your impressions in the comment box.