Lose weight with the help of your iPhone and these applications — 2022

Being at an ideal weight is something that transcends more than aesthetics, since it is really important for health. This task can be tackled from many points of view, and technology is one of them. Thanks to a selection of applications that you will find in the App Store you will be able to set yourself the goal of losing weight in an advised and controlled manner. In this article we analyze the different applications recommended for diet or exercise plans.

Applications to make food diets

In your head you may have the idea that diets are based on eating salads all day and reducing the consumption of other meat or dairy products, but nothing is further from reality. The secret lies in having a balanced diet in which all the necessary nutrients are included and always with a control. In order to have access to a multitude of diet plans, there are applications with the aim of designing them on your own iPhone or iPad.

Healthy and easy recipes

Healthy and easy recipes

Cooking a healthy dish can be difficult for some people because they have internalized it that way. With this application you will have at your hand a recipe book to make extremely simple dishes that do not have many calories. To be able to make the dish you have a list of necessary foods that are exported to your shopping list. The steps are perfectly explained and at all times you can see the calories you have.

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healthy recipe book

healthy recipe book

Healthy dishes that have been designed by expert nutritionists. There are many categories to suit your needs, such as fitness, protein, low-fat recipes... From salads to smoothies, you will find everything you need to have a balanced diet in this application with the steps perfectly well detailed.

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Noodle: healthy and easy recipes


Enter in the application the goals you want to set throughout your diet. With this data you will automatically recommend ideal recipes. In this sense, you can establish that you want a protein diet to gain muscle or simply a low-fat diet to reduce body weight. All the steps and ingredients are detailed and it will allow you to go shopping with everything clear so that you do not miss any ingredient.

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Calorie counting app

Sometimes you have questions about whether or not a food is high in calories. The nutritional tables that accompany the products may be difficult to understand, and that is why there are applications that will help you with this task. They can also be a very good help to keep track of everything you eat a day to know in the end how many calories you have consumed.



Essential application to be able to find the nutritional information of foods and also keep track of all your meals and weight. With a simple photo of the barcodes or with the food search engine, you can find out how many calories a plate of food has. It will also add it to your calorie diary to know exactly the calories consumed as well as the amount of essential nutrients.

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Free service to manage your food diary and record all the activities to do throughout the day. In addition to calories, carbohydrates, fat proteins are also recorded, creating personalized meals from your own recipes as well as including a nutritional calculator.

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Arise calorie counter

Lose weight in a controlled way thanks to Arise and its calorie counter so that you always know that you are eating the right and healthy food for your goals. Overcome harmful and negative habits and stay consistent with the goals that the application sets for you.

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training apps

Exercise is a key factor in being able to lose weight, although it should always be accompanied by a varied diet. There are many routines that can be done, but thanks to these applications you can be advised.

Gym Life

Gym Life

Move the gym to your home and do all the necessary exercises to get in shape. The application adapts to the needs of anyone, whether they are already experienced in the gym or just starting out. The routines vary and will always start depending on your physical condition. It includes different plans that are designed by professional trainers.

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fitness training

Fitness Workout Goal

Use this application as a guide to enjoy the Fitness world and enter it. Thanks to the routines that are included in the application, you will be able to gain muscle mass in the parts of the body that you want, but always in a balanced way. One of the great challenges that the app has is that you don't get bored or give up and this is achieved through different entertaining exercises.

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Fitness Point

Fitness Point

Train at home or in the gym thanks to this application. All the trainings that are collected are perfectly explained with images and text so that you do not do them wrong. You can create your own routine to have your favorite exercises always at hand. Thanks to its counter, it will tell you the number of rests you have to do as well as the repetitions you have left to complete the exercise.

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And you, what applications do you use to lose weight?