Looking for an external hard drive for Mac? take a look at these — 2022

Having at our disposal external hard drives compatible with the Mac or any other equipment such as a Windows computer is always a great advantage. This can help us work better if our computer has little free memory or if we need a disk that stores all our files as a backup. Be that as it may, in this post we bring you some of the best external hard drives you can buy and at the best prices on the market.

Hard disk is not the same as solid disk

If you are not very used to the terms HDD (hard disk) and SSD (solid disk), you may not know their differences. At a technical level there are more than relevant differences that in the end, for the end user, represent different advantages. SSDs tend to be faster and more durable, but we find that they are also more expensive. In this article we refer only to hard drives that, despite having these two main differences, are offered at better prices and can be perfectly valid for a large handful of users.

What can these external drives do for you?

External hard drives can be of tremendous use to many, having the following as the main ones:

  • Gain storage space if you have a Mac with little space.
  • Possibility of making backup copies with Time Machine.
  • Manual backups of some files that you choose yourself.
  • Possibility of taking your data wherever you want due to its tremendous portability.
  • Use it to install Windows and be able to use it whenever you want if you connect it.
  • Possibility of creating your own library of series, movies and other types of content without taking up space on your Mac.
  • Money saving if your space is used as a substitute for iCloud or any other cloud storage service.

What are the best Mac compatible HDDs?

In the market we can find a wide variety of hard drives, but we must always look for the one that best suits our needs. If what you are looking for is a good reading speed , we must recommend yes or yes the SSD hard drives. These incorporate more cutting-edge technology than the classic mechanical hard drives, which makes the tasks we do with them much more enjoyable. However, and despite having a lower transfer speed, we can find Quality HD.

HDD Maxone 160GB hard drive

mac external hard drives

If you are looking for a hard drive with the classic three B's -good, nice and cheap- this is undoubtedly the ideal one. The Maxone brand offers us a very good quality HDD hard drive that has several different storage options. Part of the 160 GB but we have the possibility of getting up to 500 GB of storage that will allow us to store all our documents and backup copies.

We can connect it to our Mac through the USB 3.0 connection but it can also be used for other equipment such as our PS4 or Xbox to expand its base storage. In this way it will become a really versatile storage unit to be able to use it wherever you need.

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Kli external hard drive

HenleMN Hard Drive

Kli is surely not one of the most popular brands, however it offers interesting options like this external hard drive available in a 1TB capacity that could be more than enough for your use. Their 400MB/s write speed It is the best that can be found in an HDD. It is available in many bright colors with which to enjoy a different look, although without a doubt the most interesting thing is its small size that makes it fully portable.

And to round off its advantages, we find that it's not only compatible with macOS but also with Windows PCs, Chromebooks, and even video consoles like the Sony PlayStation or the Microsoft Xbox. Therefore, it is one of the best options if we also take into account its competitive price.

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HenleNM Portable Disk

Amazon Logo

Like the previous ones, this external hard drive is attractive for being one of the most portable with its small size. It has versions in different colors, from the classic silver and gold to blue and pink. You don't need to install anything to use it, they have 1 or 2TB capacities and they are fully compatible with macOS and other operating systems like Windows and even iPadOS if you use the right cable to USB-C.

Its speed of 100 MB per second makes it disposable for professional uses, but to make backup copies or store files it can be perfectly valid. But it stands out, as you can see in the image, in the small size that it has that makes it ideal to transport it wherever you always need.

WD My Passport external drive

cirago hard drive

One of the hard drives with the most recognized reliability of the Western Digital brand. It offers very good quality hard drives with capacities ranging from 1 TB to 5 TB passing through 2 and 4 TB as intermediate versions. Of course, you should check which ones are compatible with Mac at the time of purchase, since it has different versions for PC and Mac.

In any case, they have different colors and speeds of 130 MB that, although it may seem like a small speed, could be enough for depending on what type of use. And it is that depending on the final model you choose in terms of writing and reading speed, the price will change logically. So we recommend you always check the store itself.

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Toshiba HDD hard drive ipad mac external hard drives

If what you are looking for is a reliable product at a good price but regardless of having a high reading speed, you can opt for the Toshiba Canvio Basics hard drive. This offers us different storage options starting from 500 GB to 4 TB with a more than acceptable price.

And although it may seem insignificant, the price is also very important. In this case we see a very sober design in black and really minimalist. This makes it ideal to be able to work anywhere with it without really calling attention to the fact that it is a storage unit.

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Cirago hard drive

ipad mac external hard drives

This hard drive is one of the best sellers due to its high durability because it has been built with a system of materials that makes it very resistant to shocks and falls. It also highlights its easy connection to all kinds of computers or devices, since it can be functional even with iPads that have a USB-C port.

Regarding its capacities, we can find it in different options: 160 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and 2 TB. Some intermediate version of 1 TB is missing, but surely the ones that exist can be more than satisfactory because they all have a speed with which you can transfer content such as 700 MB videos in 7 seconds.

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Seagate Expansion - Mega Hard Drive

We end this compilation of hard drives with the most 'billboard' of all, with this hard drive from the prestigious Seagate brand. It is the most robust, but it is capable of storing up to 10 TB of information. It is very useful for a Mac, but also to store content from other devices such as game consoles.

You can create your own gallery of movies or series and endless files to always have at hand. There are versions with less capacity, being 1 TB the lower one, although in case of choosing the latter, any of the other discs that we show is more recommended, mostly for the portability issue.

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The perfect complements for your current hard drives

If you have a traditional mechanical hard drive with a SATA connection at home and you want to recover your information, you don't need to build a PC to do so. There are different accessories so that you can work perfectly with your hard drives, such as the ones shown below.

Posugear Casing

As we said before, if you want to see the content of your hard drives, you can use this Posugear enclosure compatible with all types of SATA HDD or SSD hard drives. 7 mm o 9,5 mm . It is completely transparent so that we can see the hard drive at all times and we can connect it to our Mac through the USB 3.0 connection.

It stands out for having a completely transparent design so that you can view the content at all times. It becomes an ideal complement when you rescue a storage unit from an old computer and want to consult it. There is no limitation when it comes to being able to connect it, since it can be used on Windows, macOS and even on iPad. It is not necessary to have a specific program.

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Ugreen connection base

This is one base capable of supporting two hard drives and connecting them to another computer with the aim of working with both at the same time. Although you can have the information you want on the hard drives you connect, it should be noted that a very useful functionality what it gives us is power have two disks ‘mirrored’ , that is, that the information contained in one of the disks can be saved as a backup on the other.

It can be said that this is a reduced-size NAS since it allows you to have a backup of all your information and that it is always backed up. It also stands out for having a really nice design to be able to combine it with all the setup you have to be able to work.

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