Looking for a microphone for Mac? take a look at these — 2022

Many years ago, a mega-professional studio was no longer needed to be able to make audio recordings. Now, with a computer like a Mac and a good microphone, you can do real wonders with applications likeQuickTimewhich allows you to record audio. you are already thinking aboutrecord a podcast from your mac, a song or any other type of content in which you need good audio, this article interests you and we have compiled someMac compatible USB microphonesthat can be very useful to you.

Mac Compatible USB Microphones

PC Toner Microphone

You can purchase this microphone by clicking here

If you're just starting to record audio for the first time or maybe you don't need something of the highest quality, this microphone might be for you. Its price starts from €13.99 and although it is not one of the best, the truth is that it has a fairly good quality for its range. It is capable of multi-directional recording even at a certain distance. It also includes a tripod with which to handle it in a more comfortable way. If you use the microphone to play video games online it is ideal.

Xiaokoa microphone

usb microphone You can purchase this microphone by clicking here

This microphone meets the three attributes that we always like, that of the 3 'B': good pretty and cheap . Its materials are not the most premium on the market, obviously, but they are more than enough to make a quality recording without noise that distorts the sound. It also comes with a cap that will make it possible to have good reception even in situations of external noise.

FINE microphone

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We continue to find ourselves with a medium quality microphone, in this case with about very good quality metal materials that help improve sound during recording. It is capable of capturing audio in a very clear and noise-free way. Plus it comes with a reclining tripod included and is available in two different colors at a price starting from €26.99 .

ATR2100 microphone

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We are already beginning to talk about a microphone of very good quality under the guarantee of a good brand such as Audio-Technica. The sound quality it captures is excellent quality. This microphone also incorporates several connections in addition to the USB connector that can be used to connect to the Mac. It is already considered a professional microphone and its price is quite adequate. As a curiosity, this microphone is the one we use in La Manzana Mordida for our podcasts and videos on YouTube.

Rode NT-USB Microphone

You can purchase this microphone by clicking here

If you're looking for one optimum quality in a microphone, without a doubt this is one of the ideals. With already very premium construction materials, we find this professional model with which you can make all kinds of recordings without any problem and with excellent results . If your use is more focused on professional matters, you will be more than satisfied with it.

Obviously this does not mean that these microphones can cause problems. But luckily thesolution to microphone problems on MacThey are relatively simple to execute.

If you have tried any of these microphones, you can leave us your impressions about it in the comment box.