Living without WhatsApp for a week, is it possible? — 2022

We all know what it's like to go down the street and that our mobile doesn't stop ringing in our pocket, and WhatsApp usually has the blame for this. Sometimes desperation reaches such a point that you have no choice but to activate the mode do not bother so that so much vibration does not numb your leg. One day, I was so overloaded by the barrage of messages from conversations and groups that I asked myself the following question: Is it really necessary to have the well-known WhatsApp installed on our smartphones?

Most of the messages we send and receive could be summed up in a call

After wondering if the world's most downloaded messaging app was as essential as it seemed, I decided I wanted to find out for myself, so without thinking twice I uninstalled it from my iPhone . I have to say that the first hours were hard, since I noticed that I was missing something, but on the other hand I also felt a huge liberation when I realized that my mobile phone did not ring every so often, so the first impressions of this new experience they were good .

The day after I deleted it I thought: I need to communicate somehow, but how? That's when I realized that phones are also used to call , so I solved all the paperwork that day by making simple calls, and I was surprised the amount of time i saved calling instead of having a conversation via WhatsApp. Sometimes we do not realize that although these applications greatly simplify communication for us on many occasions, they also make it longer and more difficult on other occasions.

With a call we say in less time the same thing we want to express with messages

You don't have to worry about answering

Another thing I noticed during my disconnection stage is that you don't feel the need to reply to all messages because you simply don't have them. And it is that I am one of those who cannot leave a message without answering, with the corresponding guilty conscience that not doing so entails, so another point in favor of living without WhatsApp is not having to be aware of answering one by one to your contacts.

You will no longer see photos of kittens on WhatsApp

If you decide to detox from the messaging application par excellence, in addition to everything mentioned above, you will avoid watching the same video of cats playing with cardboard boxes over and over again, or you will say goodbye forever to that person with special attributes and hat that we have all seen more than once circulating through our groups. What do you want me to tell you, but for me it marked the end of an era not having to see that man every day (today he is missed, it must be said).

In short, I firmly believe and based on my personal experience that yes you can live without WhatsApp , and although at first it costs a bit, it is an experiment that I recommend, because you will probably realize that it is not as necessary as one thinks.

And you, Do you think you can endure without WhatsApp ? Do you need this application for your daily life or are you giving it more prominence than it deserves? You can let us know by leaving your opinion or personal experience in the comment box.

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