Lightning cables could incorporate a visual signal according to this patent — 2022

It seems that the Lightning cable will continue to have good health in the future or at least Apple's plans are to continue betting on this technology. This is what we conclude after seeing Apple's interest in a new visual technology that could be incorporated into future Lightning cables .

Said technology consists of an illuminated beam inside the connector itself that, together with a series of combination of cables, would provide users with a new data transmission path, as well as a feedback for all devices equipped for this cable.

New Apple patent for Lightning cables

The apple patent under the application 62208470 bears the name Illuminated printed circuit boards for connectors . A patent filed by those from Cupertino in August 2016 and published this Thursday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Said patent seeks that instead of using a simple LED inside the Lightning cable, lighting plates are inserted inside the port as can be seen in the image below.

Apple patent for Lightning cable

Apple already has a lighting system in the different ports that the Mac Pro includes. This lighting serves users to indicate the type of port that this equipment has and thus be able to differentiate them more easily. . However, this patent application goes far beyond simple lighting. Potential products using this patent can greatly assist the user when connecting a cable to a device in the dark.

Lights in the ports on Mac Pro

In addition, the patent filing notes that the lighting can be colored or patterned . This means that you will be able to transmit information to a user at a higher speed through the appropriate connection. The diagrams suggest that this cable will be lighted to be worn a short distance on a tab mounted on the connector itself.

Apple does not close to other types of cable

Using the emitted light as another communication medium, the connected device could communicate and negotiate a protocol between the two devices. After such communication, devices using the patent may include the ability to transfer data at non-standard speeds, being able to reconfigure one or more pins on the connected cable to include more functions how to force operation at non-standard voltages manufacturer.

Apple patent on Lightning cables

Apple also states that other types of data such as authentication or identification data can be transmitted or received by a dedicated connector on these types of cables. In this patent, Apple has included USB ports as USB Type-C, HDMI, DVI, Ethernet, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, Lightning, DART, and UART cabling as possible candidates to house this technology in the future.

The patent application credits Chia Chi Wu de Taiwán, Zhengyu Li de China y Zheng Gao de San José , USA, as inventors of this idea. Do not forget to keep abreast of possible news in our Web page about the next iPhone 8 and its possible novelties in the next September keynote.