Let nothing stop you! Play sports at home with these apps for iPhone — 2022

Leaving home to exercise in the street or in the gym is not always the best option, since there are much more comfortable alternatives to be able to do sports at home. And far from what it may seem, in our own home we can achieve great results in terms of fitness and weight loss. In this post we compile a series of apps with which we are sure that you will be able to achieve your goals and close the rings if you have an Apple Watch.

Apps to exercise at home

Exercises at home

Exercises at Home -Without Equipment Exercises at Home -Without Equipment Descargar QR-Code Exercises at Home -Without Equipment Developer: ABISHKKING LIMITED.
    Weight:167,4 MB. Devices:iPhone. Compatibility:iOS 9 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 23 more. Description:It offers a series of exercise routines to strengthen the main muscles. It is enough to follow his advice for a few minutes a day to obtain long-term results. It has a virtual trainer that will guide you during all the exercises.

Buttocks and legs exercise

Buttocks and Legs Exercise Buttocks and Legs Exercise Descargar QR-Code Buttocks and Legs Exercise Developer: ABISHKKING LIMITED.
    Weight:45,3 MB. Devices:iPhone. Compatibility:iOS 9 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 17 more. Description:Perfect application to develop the muscles of the buttocks and legs. It helps to adopt the correct postures during the exercises and guides each activity that is carried out through videos and advice. It has very visual graphics with which to see the progress.

Verv Weight Loss Fitness

Fitness to lose weight Fitness to lose weight Descargar QR-Code Fitness to lose weight Developer: MOUNTAINS LTD
    Weight:45,6 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 11 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 9 more. Description:Pose the challenge of losing weight in just 30 days thanks to its routines and tips. It creates an intelligent training plan personalized to the physical abilities of each person, making it ideal for establishing a series of parameters and goals, focusing on problem areas.

Fleestics Coach: Home Workout

Freeletics HIIT fitness coach Freeletics HIIT fitness coach Descargar QR-Code Freeletics HIIT fitness coach Developer: Freeletics GmbH
    Weight:81,3 MB. Devices:iPhone, iPad y Apple Watch. Compatibility:iOS 11 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 9 more. Description:Perfect app to practice sports when and where you want. Helps lose weight and gain muscle without having to go to the gym. Regardless of the user's fitness level, it sets a series of personalized goals with which to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The exercises are short and are guided by an audio coach.

30 day sports challenge

30 Days of Fitness at Home 30 Days of Fitness at Home Descargar QR-Code 30 Days of Fitness at Home Developer: ABISHKKING LIMITED.
    Weight:159,8 MB. Devices:iPhone. Compatibility:iOS 9 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 29 more. Description:One of the most popular and valued applications in the App Store. As its name suggests, it sets a monthly challenge in which you can achieve goals such as losing weight or starting to gain muscle. It has been designed by scientists and experts in the sports field to take care of your form and health. Among its features, its complete exercise guides and the synchronization of data with the Health of the iPhone stand out

Adidas Training by Runtastic

adidas Training by Runtastic adidas Training by Runtastic Descargar QR-Code adidas Training by Runtastic Developer: adidas
    Weight:165,9 MB. Devices:iPhone, iPad, Apple TV y Apple Watch. Compatibility:iOS 12 and later. Idiom:Spanish and 13 more. Description:Perfect app with which to charge yourself with energy and motivation to achieve the goals of your training plan. It has exercises and training with which to do sports at home without having to have weights and electronic devices. You can customize the sessions according to your goals and physical condition. You will begin to notice results sooner than you expected thanks to their advice.

Abdomen 6 Pack in 30 days

Abs 6 Pack in 30 Days Abs 6 Pack in 30 Days Descargar QR-Code Abs 6 Pack in 30 Days Developer: Khoa Nguyen
    Weight:78 MB. Devices:iPhone and iPad. Compatibility:iOS 9 and later. Idiom:English. Description:Under the tempting message of being able to get a chocolate bar in 30 days, this app tries to get you in shape with complete abdominal exercises. It offers useful advice to be able to develop muscles and get abs in just one month, although it will obviously require more time and perseverance to achieve better results.

And you, do you use or have you used any of these apps? What were your results? You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.