Let's hope Apple has a One more thing for September 12 — 2022

next september 12 Apple will offer its annual event to present the brand's new devices. As usual, these types of events confirm what has been leaking in recent weeks, and that is a shame.

We live in today's era, we want to know everything that Apple is going to launch in a few months (even years). The rumors and leaks they bloom every week, even every day as we get closer to the submission deadline.

of iOS or macOS.

Apple will offer its event on September 12

Apple event date 2018 September

Honestly, on September 12 we will have little room for surprises. Normally the events are usually 120 minutes , but not surprises, if not confirmations. Sometimes we even find disappointments on the part of some users who were anxiously awaiting some news that had been rumored during the previous weeks and that was not confirmed at the event.

Steve Jobs with the mythical One more thing. Apple's presentations are amazing (sometimes a bit thick, it must be said), but as a general rule they are a very exciting 2 hours.

There are certain devices that you don't have to be a clairvoyant to know what we could see on September , where the trajectory of these years makes a clear mark on the calendar with the new iPhone.

Much of the blame lies with the media.


We are not going to deny it, the media is largely to blame for disseminating this type of information. Information that is sometimes denied a few hours after the publication of the original source . Although honoring the truth, it has also happened that later that information was really accurate, but for some reason, the original source denied it.

The free choice to read the contents is sometimes complicated by the curiosity that this generates. As we have mentioned before, users want to know everything and have the new device for yesterday.

we hope that Apple come back this year with a One more thing and may surprise us all with some unfiltered or rumored news in recent weeks. If not, we will enjoy a good event and extraordinary devices, like every year.

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