Learn to take care of your plants: these iOS apps are ideal for it — 2022

Every day technology is capable of meeting many more people's needs, which means that users can be more and more autonomous in certain tasks in which help was previously needed. It is the example of today's post where we want to talk about a series of applications that will help you keep your plants in perfect condition by giving you advice and information on how to take care of them.

What do you have to take into account when caring for a plant?

When you have a plant in class, you have to keep in mind that it is a living being and that, after all, it needs a series of care in order to survive. The applications that we talk about in this post will help you to better understand what your plants' needs are in order to take care of them in the best possible way. However, below we leave you a series of points that you must always take into account to keep your plants in good condition.

  • The amount of light that it gives to the plant as well as its quality are fundamental.
  • The climate is a crucial point.
  • Always keep your hydrated plant correctly, that is, give away.
  • choose a flowerpot according to its dimensions .
  • Needs some product ? gave up.

Those that offer information in Spanish

We begin this compilation with the applications that are available in Spanish and that offer information of great value that you can take advantage of to keep your plant or plants in the best possible state of health and thus make them shine with all their splendor.

NatureID: Plant Identifier


This app is one of the better alternatives that you can find in the App Store if you want or need help to give your plant everything it needs. First of all, what you have to do is take a photo so that the application can identify her and can provide you with information about it since it has a Database of more than 10,000 plants.

In addition, it will provide you with information when it comes to caring for it and is even capable of identifying any illness it may be suffering from, it will tell you how serious it is as well as the steps you have to take to take care of it and speed up the recovery process. . Even for care you have available a plant diary book that will send you reminders to perform the care they need daily.

NatureID: Plant Identifier NatureID: Plant Identifier Descargar QR-Code NatureID: Plant Identifier Developer: AIBY

PlantSnap: identify plants


If you are in love with plants and vegetation, without a doubt this application is made for you since with it you will be able to identify more than 600,000 species of plants of all the world. actually you can identify up to 90% of all species flowers, leaves, trees, mushrooms and cacti, that is, a real wonder for lovers of vegetation.

In addition to having such an extensive database, PlantSnap will also help you with the care of your plants. With this application you will be able to find out how to do the whole process of growing and caring for them, with all kinds of details provided through the existing gardening tips and suggestions for thousands of plant species.

PlantSnap: identify plants PlantSnap: identify plants Descargar QR-Code PlantSnap: identify plants Developer: PlantSnap, Inc.

Blossom – Identifies plants


Blossom is the application that will take care of guide you so that you are able to give your plants the best possible care. In the first place you will find all the necessary information for your care, you can even ask them specific questions that they will answer. You have at your disposal information on the necessary irrigation, reproduction, pruning, fertilization, temperature and all the parameters or points that you have to know to take good care of it.

Something for which this application also adds a lot of value to all users who want to keep their plants in the best possible state is that it will take care of sending you reminders when you have to perform a certain action for your plant. In this way, it not only provides you with information on what you have to do, but it will also tell you when to do it.

Blossom - Identify Plants Blossom - Identify Plants Descargar QR-Code Blossom - Identify Plants Developer: Conceptiv Apps LLC

PlantCare Pro

PlantCare Pro

PlantCare Pro is the application that has been conceived, designed and developed for agronomists, farmers and hobbyists since it provides all the information you need to find the product, the specific dose and how you should carry out the application to treat the crop of the pest or disease that your plants are suffering from.

Within the application you will find all products currently registered in the ministry of Spain . It has more than 2000 products, 500 active ingredients, 180 different manufacturers and more than 500 crops and pests. In addition to all this, within the application you can even record your phytosanitary alerts on the map, your treatments with your clients and plots, see the weather or even see which are the pests that are going to affect your crop.

PlantCare Pro PlantCare Pro Descargar QR-Code PlantCare Pro Developer: XG Soft

Plantyx – Identify Plants


This application undoubtedly stands out for the ability it gives the user to be able to identify all the plants around him, in fact, it gives you all the tools to become an expert in plant recognition. For this all you have to do is focus on the plant with the camera of your iPhone and take a picture. As a result of that photograph and making use of the database with more than 10000 plants , the app will tell you its name and much more information related to it.

Of course, this great capacity when it comes to identifying plants will not only provide you with a lot of knowledge of different types, but the information provided will also help you to know what care you have to perform or what that plant needs to be kept in a good health.

Plantyx - Identify Plants Plantyx - Identify Plants Descargar QR-Code Plantyx - Identify Plants Developer: Angel Scope

Botanis – Plant Identifier


The name of this application could not be more accurate in relation to the value it can provide to all users who need help when it comes to caring for their plants. First of all, Botanis will help you to almost unequivocally identify all the plants you approach, since it has a huge database behind it.

However, the most valuable part of this application is the one focused on care of them . Not only will it tell you what you have to do depending on the state your plant is in, but it will also tell you when you have to do it, that is, it will send you reminders to take care of it perfectly.

Botanis - Pla Identifier Botanis - Pla Identifier Descargar QR-Code Botanis - Pla Identifier Developer: Generative Mobile

The most complete in information in other languages

Obviously within the App Store there are applications that are not in Spanish, but that does not mean that you cannot use them even if your main language is Spanish. In fact, many of these are really interesting and can bring you more value than the applications themselves that are in our language.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier


With this application you will be able to identify more than a million plants with a really impressive accuracy, 98% , exceeding the degree of success of most experts in the field. In this way you can become an expert when it comes to identifying and learning more about all the vegetation that surrounds you.

PictureThis also has the ability to provide you with useful information for near perfect care of your plants. It is even capable of diagnosing plant problems automatically and provides you with different suggestions to deal with the problem you are experiencing. In addition, it also has a section in which different experts provide important advice when it comes to caring for them.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier PictureThis - Plant Identifier Descargar QR-Code PictureThis - Plant Identifier Developer: Glority Global Group Ltd.

Plantln: Plant Identifier


This application defines itself as the virtual gardening buddy number one all over the world, and that is precisely what this application can become, that expert gardener that helps you keep your plants always in perfect health. It is a new way of taking care of your plants and getting quality assistance.

Count with one scanning algorithm that it is able to perfectly identify first, the specific plant and second, the disease that it is suffering in order to be able to explain what care it has to receive in order to return it to an optimal state of health. In addition, through this application you will have exclusive advice from professional gardeners.

PlantIn: Plant Identifier PlantIn: Plant Identifier Descargar QR-Code PlantIn: Plant Identifier Developer: Vortemol Limited

Identify Plants – Botan

Identify Plants - Botan

As with all the applications in this compilation, with this app you can identify any type of plant that you see on the street or that can come out in your garden. Regardless of whether it is a flower, leaf, fungus or tree, with this app you can identify it and find out all the information about it.

Part of this information that it provides is related to the care of the plant, in this way you can know at all times what is the process that you have to follow if you want to keep your plant in good condition. Without a doubt, it will help you take plant care to a higher level thanks to all the answers it is capable of providing, both for outdoor and indoor plants, information on the proper irrigation for each of them, the times of flowering of the flowers, among many other fundamental points that will be of great help to you.

Identify Plants - Botan Identify Plants - Botan Descargar QR-Code Identify Plants - Botan Developer: Vira Uvarova

Happy Plant – No Water Thirst

Happy Plant

We end this compilation with a application that has been awarded by Apple on different occasions and that undoubtedly offers a very important value to users. The sole purpose of this app is that your plants always have all the water they need at all times, and for this what it wants is that you don't have to remember when you have to water each one of them, but it will be the application itself who reminds you

Within the app you can set different schedules to water your plants based on their needs, you can even vary them as the seasons progress and consequently, the need of some of the plants also changes. It also has a fantastic tool that will provide you with the hydration status of your plant, something really useful.

Happy Plant - No Water Thirst Happy Plant - No Water Thirst Descargar QR-Code Happy Plant - No Water Thirst Developer: SemanticJungle

We are left with this

To finish this post, and whenever we make a compilation, we want to tell you what it is, from the point of view of the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida , the best option within the two categories in which we have divided these applications. In the first place, among all the applications that are available in Spanish, the one that seems to us the best option is Blossom , mainly for two reasons: firstly, the high-quality information that it transmits to the user, and secondly, because of its attractive interface.

If we move to the applications that are not available in Spanish, we are left with Plantln without a doubt. It meets all the requirements that a quality application must have, the information it transmits is practically perfect, combined with the large number of functions and the intuitive and attractive interface.