Filtered the possible price of Apple's AirPods 3 — 2022

After the launch of the new AirPods Max, many users were waiting to see new, cheaper wireless headphones. The rumors have not stopped regarding the AirPods 3 and today we have known more details related to its possible price. We'll tell you then.

Some AirPods 3 with a familiar design

According to most rumors, Apple would bet with the AirPods 3 for a design that is already quite familiar. Specifically, the same design of the AirPods Pro would be reflected, but obviously with significant differences in its operation. Specifically, active noise cancellation would not be included. This is something that is now reconfirmed by the media TheElec which categorizes these new wireless headphones as a AirPods Pro Lite. That is, a cheaper version of this model that is achieved after removing the active noise cancellation. Obviously, thanks to the pads that are integrated into this model, in addition to greater support, passive noise cancellation is also achieved.

According to this same medium that has reconfirmed the design of the AirPods 3, the price it would be reduced by 20% from that of the AirPods Pro . That is why if these latest headphones now cost $249 on the market, applying this reduction would make them stay around $200. The only thing that will change at first is the noise cancellation since the rest of the features will remain, such as the Qi-compatible charging case.

This is undoubtedly great news for all those users who want to renew their wireless headphones. Right now the 'Pro' version can be seen as somewhat expensive by integrating a technology that may not interest the entire public. That is why Apple will want to give all possible options without having to sacrifice the design of your headphones. In this way, the original design that has accompanied many users will be shelved for one that is more compact and attractive. In addition, you will enjoy an improvement in audio quality thanks to the H1 chip that they will have.

This is undoubtedly the best decision that can be made for an accessory that has triumphed in the market as we have seen since its initial launch.

When will they see the light?

The big question everyone is asking right now is, when will they be released? According to this same report, the dates that are forecast are within the first half of 2021. This is something that is really very ambiguous, although apparently mass production has not yet started since it is still required to go through quality controls. It is because of that we can wait calmly at the end of spring to be able to see them in the market. This could lead to the launch being done through a simple press release, as happened with the AirPods Max a few weeks ago by not integrating revolutionary technologies.