Leaked Apple service pack to save money — 2022

As curious or paradoxical as it may seem, it has been on Android where something new from Apple has been revealed. Specifically, the Apple Music application of this operating system, which hid in its code clear references to the new subscription package of the Californian company that would save money in contracting its platforms and that would take Apple One by name. Enjoyall apple arcade gamesor consumeApple TV+ contentand more saving money will be possible. We tell you everything below.

The definitive confirmation of Apple One

Has been 9to5Google the medium that has given this revelation for the first time in the Apple music application on Android, specifically in the beta version 3.4.0. They explain that when breaking down the code, several lines were found that indicate the more than possible imminent arrival of a subscription package that will definitely be called Apple One, despite the fact that it is also named with the code aristotle.

This is not really new, since similar information was found several months ago in iOS 13.5, to which is added the new information that would already serve as definitive confirmation that we will see this new option to contract Apple services sooner rather than later.

Apple Music en Android

Although more specific details such as the price are not yet known, it is expected to be a saving money for users the fact of contracting the services in a pack instead of doing it individually. We further understand that there would be several plans in which different services would be included. Curiously, despite this having been discovered on Android, it could not be contracted from this operating system, but a device with iOS, macOS or tvOS as also revealed by the code in which the news has been leaked.

When will this new option arrive?

At the beginning of the year, the first information emerged that Apple was planning this new subscription package. At that time they were rumors without much consistency and it was not known to what extent it could end up being a reality. Seen what has been seen in these months and added to this leak, it is clear that it will be a reality and everything indicates that it will be soon.

Apple Event 2020

Next Tuesday there is a apple event and despite the fact that rumors suggest that Apple Watch and iPad will be the protagonists, it is very possible that some other product or service will accompany them. Of course, this Apple One could be one of them and who knows if it could also be announced that its arrival will take place in the coming weeks. It would also be on dates very close to the first anniversary of platforms such as Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

Therefore we will be attentive to everything that the company could say about it. also remains to be seen if it will reach all countries or it will stay in a few. We remind you that due to legal issues in the European Union, services such as Apple News+ have a complicated arrival, so theapple one featuresit could change in these territories or definitely not launch.