Get to know all the Apple Stores in Spain — 2022

Spain is one of the 25 countries in the world that has official stores in its territory. In this post we will tell you what these establishments consist of, as well as show you a list of addresses and telephone numbers of the Apple Store in Spain.

What does an Apple Store offer?

Apple is a company that has always tried to stand out from the rest, either because of its products, services or the advertising it makes of them. Apple's brand image is one of the best valued in the world, from the users themselves to the most reputable marketing analysts. That is why its establishments are a true reflection of the values ​​that the company wants to show to users.

First of all, it should be noted that despite the fact that Apple Store is a term that is still used, the company is removing the word 'Store' from its stores. For example, the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol in Madrid is now Apple Puerta del Sol asecas. This is also part of the brand strategy with which they intend to be more than a store.

a meeting point

The concept of creating a pleasant atmosphere, like a square or a living room, is very present in all the company's stores. The highest point of this concept came between 2014 and 2019, when the then head of this section, Angela Ahrendts, established a roadmap to follow for these places.

Comfortable poufs in which to play with the iPads on display or the devices that users already have, open Wi-Fi, spacious and open rooms with natural light, minimalist decoration with space for plants... All this is part of the concept that these places, being more similar to a meeting place than to a store. In fact, it is possible to spend entire afternoons in one of these places without having to buy anything.

Free workshops for all audiences

The Today at Apple are a series of free sessions given by store workers to any type of user. From basic workshops to learn how to use an iPhone camera to video editing courses for professionals with Mac. They are usually sessions in which to meet more people and even make friends through common links in terms of tastes for technology.

Although it is advisable to have some brand equipment to access these courses, the truth is that anyone can attend. In fact, there are usually some test units that the workers lend to those who do not have the equipment to follow the class. So if you're interested in learning how to make great videos with an iPhone and you don't have an iPhone, don't worry because they'll lend you one.

Personalized technical service

Each device, like each person, is completely different. That is why their possible software and hardware failures may also be different. In all Apple Stores we find the call Genius Bar , in which you will be attended by specialized professionals in order to help you solve your problem. In fact, it is always about guaranteeing quick attention and repair if necessary, in such a way that it has the least possible impact on your use of the device in question.

free advice

Despite this broad concept of being more than just a store, the Apple Store is still the most suitable place to purchase branded products. In these places you will find specialists who will tell you all about Apple devices, accessories and services. Beyond wanting to sell at all costs, these professionals will try to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchases and will provide you with help in case of doubts. In any case, you can ask anything you want without any kind of commitment.

Always with a smile

apple store technical support

Polite and pleasant service is probably the most important pillar of any customer service department, whatever the company. However, at Apple this is taken further. There can always be exceptions, but the truth is that the vast majority of workers treat the public with great empathy and closeness, making them feel comfortable at all times during their stay in an Apple Store.

Apple Store in Barcelona

Apple The Machinist

Apple The Machinist

    Direction:La Maquinista Shopping Center on Passeig de Potosí, 2. Postal Code and City:08030 Barcelona. Telephone:934669000.

Apple Passeig de Gràcia

Apple Passeig de Gracia

    Direction:Passeig de Gràcia, 1. Postal Code and City:08007 Barcelona. Telephone:932950500.

Apple Store in Madrid

Apple Big Square 2

Apple Store Grand Plaza 2

    Direction:Gran Plaza 2 Shopping Center in Calle de los Químicos, 1. Postal Code and City:28222 Majadahonda. Telephone:916349700.

Apple Parquesur

Apple Parquesur

    Direction:Parquesur Shopping Center on Avenida Great Britain s/n. Postal Code and City:28916 Leganes. Telephone:916445100.

Apple Gate of the Sun

Apple Sol

    Direction:Puerta del Sol Square, 1. Postal Code and City:28013 Madrid. Telephone:917699100.

Apple Xanadu

Apple Xanadu

    Direction:Madrid Xanadú Leisure Shopping Center on Carretera N-V Km 23.5. Postal Code and City:28939 Arroyomolinos. Telephone:914817600.

Apple Store in Malaga

Apple La Canada

Apple La Canada

    Direction:Parque Comercial La Cañada in Autovía del Mediterráneo s/n Exit Ojén. Postal Code and City:29600 Marbella. Telephone:952760800.

Apple Store in Murcia

Apple New Condominium

Apple New Condominium

    Direction:Nueva Condomina Shopping Center on Highway A-7 Km 760. Postal Code and City:30110 Churra. Telephone:968387800.

Apple Store in Valencia

Apple Colon Street

Apple Colon

    Direction:Colon Street 25. Postal Code and City:46004 Valencia. Telephone:963506300.

Apple Store in Valladolid

Apple River Shopping

Apple Rio Shopping

    Direction:Río Shopping Mall on Calle I'm missing a screw 5. Postal Code and City:47195 Ecocomienda stream. Telephone:983368900.

Apple Store in Zaragoza

Apple Port Venice

Apple Port Venice

    Direction:Puerto Venecia Shopping Resort, The Gallery at Avenida Puerto Venecia s/n. Postal Code and City:50021 Zaragoza. Telephone:976188900.

Future Apple Store

At the moment these are the only 11 Apple Stores in all of Spain. We do not know exactly the company's expansion plans and if they have in mind to open new establishments in other cities, but at the moment there is nothing to indicate that future openings may take place.