Know the status of your shipments with these apps for iPhone — 2022

Thanks to smartphones, and in this particular case to the iPhone, users can carry out practically any action while sitting on the sofa, having a coffee anywhere in the world, or even working. All this thanks to the fantastic apps found in the App Store, so today we bring you a compilation of applications that you can use to track your orders from your iPhone.

What information is important to track an order?

When checking the status of a shipment, it is very important that the application you choose is capable of providing you with the data you are looking for. We recommend that you choose an application that provides you with enough information to be sure that everything is going well in relation to the package you are waiting for or that you have sent, therefore, it is important that the app is capable of making constant updates in real time of the order status. Also, a point to take into account depending on the user would be the ability to make changes in the delivery of the shipment since it may happen that from one day to the next the user's situation changes and they will not be able to be at home to receive the shipment. same. Therefore, these are the points that we consider important when choosing an application to track shipments, firstly, the real-time update of the status, and secondly, the ability to make changes to the package delivery.

Track your packages with these apps



Parcel is, almost certainly, the most popular application among users to track shipments regardless of the company that is in charge of taking the package to the home or reception point that the buyer has chosen. With this app you will have access to the information of the packages of more than 300 companies, among which the famous Correos, SEUR, MRWm ChronoExpress, NACEX, DHL and many more stand out.

Just by entering once the tracking number that is provided to you once you place the order in any store, you will have access to all the information about your shipment without having to re-enter a single piece of information in the app. Without a doubt, a really fantastic application to be able to know the status of your orders.

Parcel Parcel Descargar QR-Code Parcel Developer: Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd



With this app you can track each and every one of the orders you make online. It is a package tracker that stands out for its ease of use and that will allow you to have access to practically any package that you want to track since it is capable of recording tracking numbers from almost any transport company.

AfterShip will provide you with the tracking number, you can even configure the app to send you notifications when the status of your order changes. It will also provide you with information about the company in charge of transporting your shipment and all this without ads within its application.

AfterShip Package Finder AfterShip Package Finder Descargar QR-Code AfterShip Package Finder Developer: AfterShip Limited



If what you are looking for is an application that is able to track your shipments for free and without advertising within the application, ALL-IN-ONE Package is your application. It has information on more than 220 carriers, so it would be strange if the company in charge of your shipment was not within this group.

In addition, it is also capable of tracking the most popular cross-border eCommerce logistics providers. Its main features are the tracking of multiple carriers, even being able to do this with several numbers simultaneously, all accompanied by the ability to receive notifications on the iPhone when the shipment is updated. Also, the application will recognize by itself which is the company in charge of transporting your shipment and will show it to you.


Post Tracking –

Post tracking is a post office locator that will allow you to be able to track all the online purchases that you make, as well as other packages that you can send, all thanks to the connection it has with hundreds of operators and companies carriers around the world.

This application is capable of offering real-time information for both national and international shipments, all within the reach of a click and without the need to register within the application. Of course, you will be able to obtain the updated status of your shipment, with date and time in real time. You can also enter different tracking numbers to be able to follow as many shipments as you want.

Post Tracking - Post Tracking - Descargar QR-Code Post Tracking - Developer: Internet Media



Correos is one of the most popular companies when it comes to sending and tracking packages. So, how could it be otherwise, it has an application so that you can not only track your orders, but also carry out other tasks that you would perfectly do if you went to the physical office in your area.

Obviously, from the Correos app you can only have access to shipments that you make with the company itself. From the application you can manage the delivery data at any time. It has geopositioning so you can also obtain information on which offices, Citypaq points or mailboxes are closest to your position at any given time. It really is a simple app that has also had a recent image renewal.

Mail Mail Descargar QR-Code Mail Developer: Post Office Group



With the TNT application you can track your shipments regardless of when and where you are, you just need to have your iPhone at hand to do so. Locate your shipments and receive real-time updates on the status of your order to be able to know exactly where the package you are waiting for or that you have sent to another person is.

Even within the app, if you register, you will be able to make shipments, previously calculating what the cost will be, all with the guarantee of speed of delivery of orders that TNT has.

TNT - Track shipments TNT - Track shipments Descargar QR-Code TNT - Track shipments Developer: TNT. The People Network

FedEx Mobile


FedEx is another of the most popular courier companies in the world, so you can also use its application to find out all the information you need about the orders and shipments you make through its service. Not only is this the service that you can carry out through the application, but you can also create shipping labels from your iPhone wherever you are.

Of course, from the app itself you can get quick rates, find a place to pick up or drop off a package. You can even activate push notifications in the app to be instantly aware of everything that happens with your order, regardless of whether you have sent it yourself or are waiting for it at home.

FedEx Mobile FedEx Mobile Descargar QR-Code FedEx Mobile Developer: FedEx

Mail Shipment Tracking

Mail delivery tracker

This application will become your main ally to be able to track each and every one of your packages since it will help you easily track any shipment from more than 500 postal companies, including the most popular internationally such as Correos de Mexico, DHL, Seur, Envialia, TNT, Tipsa, Correos Express…

It is the ideal option for busy homes or businesses since you can be informed about the status of your shipment and thus be prepared to pick it up with peace of mind. The app includes a barcode scanner to add new packages faster, free notifications to stay informed about package tracking, tools to sort and filter your packages, and manage domestic and international shipments and packages.

Mail Shipment Tracking Mail Shipment Tracking Descargar QR-Code Mail Shipment Tracking Developer: Tonti Laguna



ParcelTrack is an app that tracks all your packages and shipments as it integrates more than 50 delivery services. It has automatic notifications for free so that you can know in real time what is the progress of the package or shipment that you expect or have sent to another person. ParcelTrack's inbox interface makes it much easier and more intuitive to track your shipments.

Depending on the data collected by the application, it will also provide you with a delivery forecast, very useful information to be able to be at the place of reception of the order on the day it is scheduled to be delivered. Even, depending on the company that is in charge of making the delivery, you will be able to know the exact point where your delivery is located on the day of delivery.

ParcelTrack ParcelTrack Descargar QR-Code ParcelTrack Developer: Uberblic Labs

UPS Mobile


UPS is another of the most famous companies, in fact, it is one of those in charge of delivering many of the orders that users make through the Apple website, so if you are reading this post and you are users of Apple products the Cupertino company surely some of them have been delivered by UPS.

With this application you can easily manage your shipments, track packages, find UPS locations and many more actions that you can carry out without complications from your iPhone thanks to the UPS Mobile application. Regarding the tracking of shipments, from the app you can find and follow deliveries in transit, update the place of delivery or even change the date on which your order will be delivered. You will also have delivery alerts to know when your package will arrive.

UPS Mobile UPS Mobile Descargar QR-Code UPS Mobile Developer: UPS