Know if you have been read on Telegram and other utilities for newbies in the iOS app — 2022

Telegram is the alternative to WhatsApp par excellence and in fact many users prefer it over the app owned by Facebook. The truth is that this application is growing at a good pace thanks to being multiplatform. In the case of Apple, we can find it both on iPhone and iPad as well as for Mac. What we will tell you next are some of the doubts that you will surely have if you are trying Telegram for the first time.

Did they read your message on Telegram?

The mechanics of WhatsApp are already well established in our lives and we know its details perfectly. We know that if a gray check mark appears it means that the message has not yet been received by the recipient, with two we know that it has already arrived and if they appear blue it means that they have read it. But on Telegram is slightly different than WhatsApp.

In Telegram we also find the tick and double tick, or popcorn if you prefer that we call it that. The fact is that there is no color variation here unless the appearance of the app is changed, although that is another matter and in the end it does not affect what we are referring to. In Telegram there will be a single tick at the time the message was sent regardless of whether the receiver has already been able to receive it or not. Only we will know if it has been read by the double tick , which is the same color as when only one appears.


There is no possible loss to know if someone is reading our Telegram messages or not, although unfortunately We won't be able to find out when you received it. Our recipient may have seen our message in a notification and not opened it or may not have even received it due to not having an internet connection, but we will not be able to differentiate these cases because a single verification signal will appear in both.

If we are the ones we don't have internet connection A clock symbol will appear, something identical to what happens in WhatsApp. In that case, the message will not even be on the Telegram servers to be sent, so we must improve our connection so that it can be sent.

Our last connection and that of our contacts

Telegram is also slightly different from WhatsApp in terms of showing or not showing the last connection of users. Here we meet more privacy options configurable from the settings of the iOS app itself. We distinguish three options that we can configure for ourselves and that at the same time will condition what we see of others.

    Everyone:By activating this option you will be able to show your exact last connection to all the users who search for you, whether or not they are in your contacts. You will also be able to see those of those who allow it in their settings. my contacts: In this case, your last connection will be shown to those you have added in contacts, but from the rest you will only be able to see statuses such as recently, a few days ago or a few weeks ago. There is the option to share or not share with specific contacts. No one:with this configuration nobody will be able to see your exact connection, except for the most indeterminate states such as recently and company. They also won't be able to see if you're online, though you won't be able to see it either.

Other privacy features

Telegram also stands out for other interesting privacy features such as the possibility of access the app by code or Face ID/Touch ID , something very useful if you don't want a third party to access your chats without permission. We also find other interesting options related to who can see your profile picture , who can call you or add you to groups. There is even the possibility of preventing your messages from being forwarded.

telegram iphone privacy security

Another notable option that closes Telegram's security settings is that of delete account automatically when we do not use it for a certain time. This time can be 1, 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. Of course, you can change it as many times as you want, so don't be afraid if you've been on it for 1 month and you're just going to spend that time without using the app.