KGI lowers its expectations on the first units of the iPhone X: 30 million in November — 2022

KGi returns to war with a new report on when the future iPhone X will arrive and those that will be available to market those from Cupertino from November 3. Besides, has opened a new battle with Android by stating that this operating system would be two years less evolved than iOS thanks to the incorporation of the TrueDepth camera giving the iPhone X Face ID and more features that we have to assess.

Will 30 million iPhone Xs be enough to meet demand?

A few weeks ago we told you that Ming-Chi Kuo had stated that Apple would have 40 million units ready in November of the iPhone X, although in the new forecast that has been released, these they have dropped to 30-35 million units. This is what would cause not all users who reserve to have the terminal at home on the 3rd. This day we will see long queues in the Apple Store and possible drops in the Apple Store Online when booking. But he continues to defend that iPhone sales will increase throughout 2018 thanks to this new generation of iPhone.

This analyst is also defending something that will be very controversial and that I personally do not share seeing some Android terminals such as the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. He has stated that Android terminals would be up to two and a half years behind Apple terminals. This would be due to the TrueDepth camera that the iPhone X incorporates.

Is this fair? We still do not have this technology in our hands. Only a privileged few who attended the Keynote on September 12 have been able to test it and of course those from Cupertino. To be able to affirm that this technology is so far behind Android is too risky without doing the pertinent reviews. Also, you can't talk much about delays, since we are seeing that both operating systems and devices are similar (I'm talking about high-end) They don't have that many differences in quality.

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