Keyboard connection problems with iPad? fix it like this — 2022

The potential of the iPad is greatly increased thanks to the wide variety of accessories that we can use with this device, mainly keyboards. This combination has caused many users to replace their laptop with an iPad and a keyboard. However, the frustration can be enormous when the connection between the two does not work, so in this post we want to tell you what you can do to solve these connection problems between your iPad and its keyboard.

Basic checks you should perform

First of all, it is convenient to carry out some checks that we call basic because they are extremely simple. They say that sometimes the most obvious solution is the best and it could be the case, so if you want to start ruling out problems with your iPad and keyboard, you should follow the steps that we will discuss in the next sections.

First, ensure the connection between both

It really seems silly, but many times we spend hours and hours looking for a solution when it is really simple and is right in front of our eyes. Therefore, ensure the bluetooth connection with the iPad it is essential if your keyboard connects to the iPad through this means. To do this, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. On your iPad, open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Check that you have the iPad connection activated.
  4. Check that next to the keyboard, it appears as connected.

ipad bluetooth settings

If it is a keyboard that works through the Smart Connector, It must be that connector that you must ensure is in good condition both on the tablet and on the connector of the keyboard itself. And if what you're using is a wired keyboard , also check that it is correctly connected, that it is not broken and even try connecting it to other computers to make sure that it works correctly on those. In the event that everything is apparently fine and the connection seems to be established between the two devices, but it still does not work, our recommendation is that you unpair both devices, both the iPad and the keyboard, and after a few minutes go back to match them.

Why restarting the iPad can help?

The connection problem may be in the keyboard, but obviously also in the iPad. Surely on many occasions you have read and heard that turning a computer off and on can solve its problems. And yes, it may seem absurd, but it is the way in which devices restart all their processes. On the iPad, different processes may be running in the background that are generating errors and that is why this connection failure between your Apple tablet and the corresponding keyboard is being caused.

Therefore, turning the tablet off and on is a more than valid option to try to tackle the problem with the keyboards. It is advisable that it is not a simple restart, but that you turn it off manually and wait about 15-30 seconds when it is off and then turn it on again. We even recommend that you also turn off the keyboard if it has such an option and not turn it back on until the iPad has been turned on again. In this way, as we have mentioned before, you will restart many processes that are being carried out in the background and, if there was one that was working abnormally, do it again correctly.

It could be a software problem

Software updates are always focused, how could it be otherwise, to improve the functioning of devices, however, software, being a product of human action, is also subject to errors. Therefore, it is possible that the reason why the connection between your iPad and its keyboard has stopped working is the result of an error in the software that mounts your iPad.

iPadOS 14.0

If this is your case, we are sorry to tell you that there is no solution that is in your power to carry out to solve your situation, the only thing you can do is wait for Apple itself to solve this error with a new software update. For this reason, go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if there is a newer update ready for download and installation. However, in case your iPad is not updated to the latest version available, what you have to do is update it as soon as possible, since usually if these types of errors are widespread in one version, they are solved in the immediately following one.

Other things to check

There are two other aspects that we also consider fundamental that should be reviewed, although they are not always the best solution or useful. In any case, and at this point of experiencing a malfunction, you lose nothing by doing what we tell you.

Cleanliness is always very important

A vital point if you want to keep the devices in good condition and working well for a long time is their hygiene. And of course, this case was not going to be an exception. Many iPad keyboards connect to the device using magnetic connectors, such as the Smart Keyboard or the Magic Keyboard. Therefore, it is important that you check that this connector is completely clean without any type of stain or sticky element.

For the cleaning We recommend that, of course, avoid using abrasive liquids . And even with liquids recommended for cleaning electronic components, it is important that you do not exceed the amount, since dipping a microfiber cloth a little and passing it over would be enough to leave it clean without fear of damaging it.


Restore may be an option (or not)

Going back to possible software problems, it must be said that formatting the iPad is the best way to get rid of all of them. Now, this is a bit of a tedious solution and not because it's complicated or time consuming, but because it might not work. Therefore, to avoid greater evils, make a backup beforehand . Then try to restore via a computer using iTunes or Finder.

If you don't have the ability to connect your iPad to a Mac or PC, you can restore from Settings > General > Reset, tapping on Erase content and settings. Now, the important thing in the end is that when you are configuring the tablet again set up like a new iPad without loading backup, in order to prevent possible errors from reappearing. It should be noted that some data will still be kept if they are synchronized with iCloud (contacts, calendars, photos, notes, etc.).

What to do if you have not been able to solve it

At this point we find that only a specialist can help you. In this case, the scenarios that are considered may vary depending on whether or not the keyboard is from Apple itself or, failing that, it has been purchased through the online Apple Store or any physical Apple Store. If this is your case, it is normal for Apple to first verify that the problem does not originate in the iPad, and then check the status of the keyboard.

In case it is the keyboard that fails and also has warranty , the most normal thing is that the company will change it for you at no additional cost after verifying that it is not a problem derived from misuse. If the keyboard is not from the company, you should contact the corresponding technical support of the brand or store where you bought it to send them your problem and have them propose a solution.

Apple Support Icon

In the event that it is the iPad that fails, Apple will act in the same way as with the keyboard, giving you the possibility of replacing it with a fully functional one at no additional cost (as long as it is covered by the guarantee). Remember that you can request an appointment through their website (in the Support tab) or through the Support app available in the App Store of the iPad itself.

Finally, if it is the iPad that fails and, furthermore, it is under warranty, Apple will usually exchange it for a new one, however, if it is not under warranty, after studying the cost of the repair, they will inform you of the matter that you would have to pay in case you want to repair the device. However, it is possible that in the place where you live there is no possibility of going to an Apple Store since you do not have one nearby. In this case, you can perfectly manage the entire process online, or you can even go to a SAT, that is, a technical service center authorized by the Cupertino company itself.

For practical purposes, the SAT offer the same guarantees and quality of technical service as an Apple Store, in fact, their professionals are just as qualified. It is the best alternative to an Apple Store, since the service will be practically the same, especially considering that you cannot go to a physical Apple store.