Keep your pregnancy under control thanks to this application — 2022

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or you are already in full gestation, it is important to have all the information possible about everything that is happening in your body. That is why there are applications to be able to carry out all this management of changes that are taking place. One of them is Pregnancy+ and in this article we will tell you all the details about it.

Pregnancy+ is not a medical app

It should be noted that this is not a medical application that can diagnose problems during a pregnancy. It is simply an application that will help you manage all the data that can be recorded during pregnancy, such as the size of the fetus or all the appointments that you have. Added to this is also great information on all the states that are given in this period of 9 months.

Find out about everything you need for your future baby

This application acts as a diary of the entire pregnancy that you are suffering during the 9 months of duration. You will be able to record all the relevant data as well as inform yourself of everything that is happening inside your body. When making the initial configuration you will have to enter different data such as your age, the sex of the fetus as well as the possibility of calculating the date of delivery based on your last menstruation.


With all this data, it will offer you the necessary information on the fetus depending on the week in which you find yourself. To this is also added a series of tips that you must take into account for this entire process, both for you and for your partner. In the section called 'weekly' you can see the length in centimeters and the weight in grams of the fetus itself. In addition, it is also accompanied by different images that have been taken in a general way of different fetuses. In order to have the best resemblance to your own fetus, you will be able to download the set of images depending on the skin color it may have. In this way you will be able to visualize how it will be growing accompanied by an extensive text explaining what is developing, such as the brain, the head or the birth of the eyes.

But model and real ultrasounds also have a space in this application. They are found in the 'images' section and can be easily consulted by week. Ultrasounds and even scans are clearly seen. In this way you will know exactly the stage of growth and even compare it with the ultrasound that you have been able to perform yourself. To this is also added a size section so you can know comparatively how big your future baby is. For example, at 7 weeks the application reports that the fetus is the size of a gummy bear, although you can also choose the comparison with fruits or animals.


Finally, so you can keep in mind everything you have to do, a calendar is included. In this you will be able to visualize the time slots in which you must do the first ultrasound, the antibody test or the folic acid intake. In this way you will not have to miss absolutely anything of the most important events that you have to take into account.

Control of your medical appointments and physical data

In addition to having information about your future baby, you must also take care of yourself in the best possible way through this application. This is found in the 'I' section that you will find at the bottom. In this you will be able to record your weight throughout the entire pregnancy to have an exhaustive control that you can show to the doctors who are monitoring you in order to be clear about all the steps you must continue to take. In addition, you will be able to add photographs of your belly as the months go by, being able to compare it with a model image of how it is growing and the position that the fetus will have.

To all this is added an appointment management system so that you have written down in the application everything you must do in your pregnancy monitoring. You can choose the day of the appointment, as well as the professional you will go to, such as the gynecologist, the sonographer or the dietitian, among many others. Once you finish the consultation you will be able to write down the blood pressure or the pulsations that your fetus has to carry out the follow-up yourself.


Finally, a list of tasks to take into account is included in order to have everything planned. For example, you can choose the week of your baby's birth to be able to prepare all the details. Enter here if you want to keep the umbilical cord, if you want to have some kind of anesthetic during childbirth or take painkillers. All this will put you in all the scenarios that may arise so that you are fully prepared since at the moment of truth it can be difficult to make a decision.

Counter kicks and contractions

As the fetus grows the kicks will begin to occur. This is moving and this causes you to feel them inside you. On some occasions it may be that he moves a lot for a long time or is simply quite calm. Be that as it may, in the application you will be able to count all the kicks when they start to occur to visualize the time frame that they will last.

The same can also be applied to the contractions that occur when it is time to give birth. It is essential to have to count all the contractions that are taking place since it is really important to be able to determine when the delivery is going to proceed and medical assistance should be sought. But in order not to have to count the minutes that pass between contraction and contraction, you will have this counter to be able to have all the information clearly.


Diet and exercise, a fundamental part of pregnancy

In the end, this application is a great repository of information that has been created by a great community. The cult of the body should always be important during pregnancy and that is why diet and exercise are vital. That is why here you will find all the exercises that you can end up doing depending on the week you are in, as well as the foods that you should consume and which ones you should not. For example, something that is already quite common is that ceffeine and alcohol are totally discouraged and here you can find all these tips.